Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Holiday Camps

Kidz Amaze has lined up a few camps for kids during this coming school holiday. Most probably, i'll let Raeann join this...

Actually, i'm more interested to put her in another camp (learning how to care and share) but it's located at Kidz Amaze Toa Payoh, which is like 1000000 miles away from my place and i need to rush to work, not forgetting the morning & evening terrific jam.
And this, if they allow me to pick up Raeann at a later time, i will let her join. ($110 for Kidz Amaze member, $116 for Safra member and $126 for Guests.) Anyway, i quite like the programs for this camp too, especially the "self reflection" part, lolol.
My mum sent me and my bro to sucha camp before when i was... erm, 14 years old? It was a 5 days camp conducted by Dr. Ernest Wong named Super-Teen Camp, anyone heard before? Know who is Adam Khoo? He was my senior in the camp! =D
Talking about the camp, i was damn damn paiseh lor, i cried and asked my mum to bring me home, HAHAHAHAH! Okay, i wasn't allow to go any camps/chalets during my school days, so i wasn't used to staying out with strangers at all.
But, i'm glad my mum sent me there, it indeed taught me alot. Even though i'm not as successful as Adam Khoo, but at least, i learnt how to be a proper human being, how to be more confident, how to cope with stress, how to love my parents, and alot more.
Seriously, IF there's still Super-Teen Camp around, i will send both my kids there even though it's quite expensive. Cos i know it's worth it!

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