Friday, November 23, 2012

I've 2 always hungry friends!

Cheryl + Pearly

Hanged out with these two char bors last evening, made me felt that i'm a super small eater. The amount of stuffs they ate shocked me many many times last night. And, they are both SLIM! Though they both shown me pictures of their "hidden" fats, but well, if it can be hidden, I DON'T MIND LEH! Now, i'll show you what they ate within 4-5 hours!

1st round; Korean BBQ @ Liang Seah Place

I forgot the restuarant name liao.
It's a buffet!
I only ate a little cos i'm not really into Korean food but their pork slice is yummy tough. Cos it's very thin, then must bbq it until abit chao ta, like biscuit. YUMS!
See? SLIM.
1st & half round; Shopping + Bubble Tea @ Bugis
No pictures taken cos i forgot. But crazy Pearly drank 3 & half cup (she took my half cup as well) of bubble tea AT ONE SHOT. WTF! Furthermore, she didn't go washroom leh, WHERE DID ALL THE FOOD AND LIQUID GO TO? I told her, if i were to drink lidat, i'm sure i'll get phobia of bubble tea and not drink it for the next 3 months. But she said, she drink lidat EVERYDAY!
No, that's not the end yet. When we left Bugis to pick up our cars, she asked me if i want to eat DUCK RICE? I gave her a very very shocked HUH looks and she laughed for a good 5 minutes. She said i look like one 傻大姐 cos i'm very blur. HMM. OKAY.
So they decided not to eat the duck rice in the end... But Pearly said she's craving for 流沙包 and asked if we want to go Swee Choon, and we went!
2nd round; Swee Choon Dim Sum 
But i never eat a single thing, i sat there and watch them eat, i find it super funny.
Mee suah kuey; as recommended by one of their friend. But according to them, it's not so nice.
Their very famous 流沙包!
Eat, eat, eat, eat, eat but still so slim. (Cheryl is not slim, is skinny!)
COOL! :)

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