Thursday, November 29, 2012

LEGO® DUPLO Kids' Event


Date: 24th November 2012, Saturday
Venue: Hokey Pokey

First of all, i would like to thank Nuffnang and LEGO Singapore for the kind invitation to this event, thank you for giving me the opportunity to blog about it, i'm honoured. It's sucha pleasure to meet some of the handsome/pretty from Nuffnang/LEGO Singapore and SG mummy/daddy bloggers there! :)

Kids were asked to sit accordingly.

Meimei's only interested in the balloons.

But as usual...

Butt got thousands of needles...

And she sneaked off!

The kids were asked to build a HOUSE based on their creativity, with the help of us; parents.

Sucha serious look!

Asked ZY to help Raeann while i look after Mei cos ZY said he 玩 Lego 长大的, so i gave him the chance to flaunt his skill lor, lol. (The truth is, i'm bad at Lego lah, haha!)

This boy, Zayden built a SUPER TALL house.

See... 鬼鬼祟祟 go away again...

I looked really WEIRD that day, sigh!

Raechelle found her "heaven", lol!

Super duper happy cos she love BALLS!

Then, they were given about 20 minutes break while they judged the best house built. Light refreshments were served.

Had our brunch already so we watched them play.

All the master pieces!



Something to keep her still.

Next up, they were asked to build ANIMALS on their own, parents cannot help! We can only help them to search! Not easy cos cannot find EYES at all! (You will know why later!)

I don't know what's she building... Doesn't look like an animal leh!

And then, it's time to announce the winners of the BEST HOUSE/ANIMALS built. You know who's the winner???


My Raeann won the FIRST for her house! LOL

She acted shy at first lor! I was taken by surprise then, really.

This is her (and ZY) masterpiece. ZY PROUDLY said that, "see, papa add the semi circle thing and the eye for you then you win one ah"! (Oh, NO WONDER CANNOT FIND EYES LAH!)

Happy kids + pretty Joanne (not me, the host's name is also Joanne)!!!

Prize + goodie bags = SUPER HAPPY & EXCITED KIDS! (Hair never comb, rushed down to play liao!)

I'm glad i made the right choice to let Raeann skip her art class *quite ashamed while typing this* and brought her there. My kids had lotsa fun!!! And they lugged home so many goodies & prize from LEGO® DUPLO which made them occupied throughout the weekends! :) Not only them, we were occupied as well. When i'm helping them to fix the Lego, i've the strong urge to buy a big set for them cos can build bigger/more patterns! LEGO is a good family bonding toy! Agree?

But i really regret that i didn't deliberately dressed up for it. I just randomly picked a blouse and a pair of short and anyhowly matched them, with a very horrendous makeup. I don't know what i'm thinking lor! I mean, becos i'm sucha vain person, how could i not dress up for events? I must be dreaming on that day. Sigh! hopethepicturestheytookturnoutatleastpresentable!

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