Monday, November 5, 2012

My new camera!!!

Finally received the new "toy" that i've considered for almost two months, been playing around with it since yesterday. And thank god for it, it made this morning appointment at SNEC less boring a little.

This is the one, retail about $400++ (depends where) but i bought it for *ahem* $200+. I love the screen the most becos it's able to flip 180 degrees, it's soooooo easy to camwhore now! LOL
P/S : Beware of my makeup-less face becos it's a rotting Sunday and i really couldn't care less.
Smart auto mode w/ flash...
Smart auto mode w/o flash! (Decided to crop my body out becos my PJ is damn ugly and rotten, lol!)
Durian; cos the husband suddenly has craving for it last night and pestered his friend to buy for him! =.=
Testing out funny faces mode, she asked me to take it for her de!
I cannot stop laughing thus this pic become lidat!
I think they are the same, becos they keep asking me to take funny faces for them.
Vignetting Mode
She said take pictures this way will make her legs very slim... (And nope, she wasn't using any blusher, she just got too excited with the slim legs discovery!!)
Having bird nest for breakfast! How fortunate are kids nowadays?
3D Mode
 Live Panorama Mode
HAHAHA, i wonder what will those people who saw me keep taking pictures (this morning) think? But i don't care! =P


  1. hi joanne can i know how much you paid for the camera?

    1. Hi Soda,

      I can't remember the exact amount but I know is less than $300!


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