Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pre-Holiday Mood

Both kids fell asleep at 8:40pm and i had all the time to... online shopping! FATAL! Wonder if i can claim from the fat husband since he's not at home most of the time, throwing the three of us at home? I can't remember when was my last "off day".

But he's gonna bring me to town during lunch tomorrow, just the two of us! =P

And, we will be at RWS for our staycation from Thursday to Saturday! Went to shop for some snacks and beer with PY last Saturday when our kids in class. CAN'T WAIT!

Much as i anticipate, i'm kinda worried that the kids won't cooperate as well. *PRAY VERY VERY HARD* Raeann, please behave yourself. Meimei, please stick to your daddy more so i can at least bathe peacefully.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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