Wednesday, November 14, 2012

R.W.S Staycation ~ Day 1

Date : 8th November 2012

Didn't realise i took so many pictures (200+) during the 3 days 2 nights stay, uploading them to FB now but it keeps hanging!!! (Damn dulan, my pics are so messy and i can't arrange it, i deleted the whole album liao!)

I'm not gonna post everything here, will just choose some random ones, and the rest, just go view it from my FB lor! (Wait, i'm re-uploading now!) Let the pictures do the talking now! :)


Whole pool to ourselves! =P

Love this pic! =D


While (so) enjoying, i received a phone call from ZY...

Asked me to go over and take photos!!

Off for dinner...

Super cheeky, same year, two months apart.

Buffet @ Hard Rock Hotel!

Food is not bad actually, $55 nett after 15% hotel guest discount.

XS they all came and look for us at night...

Hereby marked the end of day 1 cos all of us are old already, too tired and fell asleep, ahahahahaha! Partly also becos, we need to put our kids to bed as its their sleeping time liao! The husband went casino straight after dinner and came back 6am next morning! -.-" Still tell me awhile, 2-3 hours only. But since it's his birthday, okay, i let him have his way!

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