Friday, November 16, 2012

R.W.S Staycation ~ Day 2

Date : 9th November 2012

As usual, the kids woke up damn early, and i've to wake up with them as well, to boil water and make milk for meimei. Then i DIGGED the husband up at 9am to bring them for breakfast cos i didn't bring Raeann's milk (told her i'm not bringing and made her promise me that she won't fuss) and she was hungry. She didn't fuss at all about not drinking milk for that 3 days 2 nights, i'm happy!

Wearing shoes for meimei...

Eyes on TV as well! LOL

Haha, 越穿越不进!


First time here without makeup and haven bathe, lolol!

Breakfast here! Open at 10am! :)

Only a few stalls open!

Like this costed more than $20, but still cheaper than hotel lah, lol!

Snatched papa's nasi lemak!

Hub said this is nice, but i don't like.

She said that the sun hurt her eyes so i lended her my sunglass!

She is the one who asked me to take all these pics for her!

Cheeky girl in action again~

And then, this was what happened when i left her with her father for 5 minutes to go toilet. Chocolate ice cream all over her face, clothes, bed and floor! -.-" Then u know what was her father doing? Happily chatting on phone (or sleeping), i think! And he still can laugh and take photos when he saw her like that... I don't know want to laugh or cry!

Washed her up and put her to nap before i can proceed to bathe. Then her father continued his dreamland and refused to wake up no matter how i call, until...

XS they all came! And the men proceeded to casino, AGAIN. Before that, PY already helped me to bring Raeann out to watch shows. And i'm stuck inside the room cos if mei wakes up and never see me, she will cry her lungs out and i'm gonna get scolding from ZY again. Sigh! They wanted to go for a swim but it's raining elephant and hippopotamus, "heng" lor!

Girls FTW! LOL

You know why? XS bought ice cream! But meimei don't really know how to take cold stuffs, which is good! Her favourite is still plain water and she drinks alot everyday! PY they all went off le as they have something on! (Yeap, they only booked one night!)

Brought the kids out for a walk while waiting for the men to be done at the casino! Then have a dinner before XS they all rushed home to pack luggage as they are leaving for BKK that night! Sut man, cos i pack very slow one, i've to pack for 4 persons!

Evening; brought the kids to Vivo for shopping!!! ZY bought me a pair of wedges, heehee, first time! Don't know why he is not "pang tang" about this, lolol!  

Packed dinner from Malaysian Food Street back to hotel as we have no idea what to eat. The chicken rice ball looks like fish balls, lol, it's quite good!

Had some beer and off to my dreamland! :)

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