Monday, November 5, 2012

The power of social network!

Bo was complaining to me about her friend hacking her Twitter account, so i told her i seldom log in to Twitter, FB and Instagram nowadays and i told her to log in lesser, if she can.


Sometimes, you happened to see something or heard some songs which will trigger some memories and you decided to post some random stuffs, which is totally random and not implying anyone. But some people hor, are forever thinking that you are referring to them! =.=

Which is why, friends can turn enemies overnight!

Then again...

Likewise, strangers can turn friends overnight too. Never underestimate the influence of social network. 
Blog is still the best, becos i can focus on what i wish to focus and ignore everything else. And if people wants to assume that i'm talking about them, that's not my problem!
And they are the only ones i wish to/will focus on! =)

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