Monday, November 26, 2012

Who does she really looks like?

I received fair shares of comments on who Raechelle looks like; some said looks like me while some said looks like ZY. I'm absolutely fine with people saying that she looks like ZY but don't have to repeat and repeat every single week for months. I was kinda pissed that time cos my MIL repeated for 6 months and whenever people said Raechelle looks like me, she will be so agitated and argued that she looks like ZY more. I mean, issit really that important ma?

Yes, i did mentioned before that i hope she will look like me becos afterall, she is my daughter what! But even if she doesn't look like me, it doesn't means that i will love her lesser. Just like Raeann, when she was a baby, NOBODY said that she looks like me, some said she looks like ZY, some said she looks like Bobo, but she is STILL my daughter.

My ah khim always say, "Raechelle looks exactly like you when you were young". I wasn't really convinced becos I HAVEN SEE MY ONLY SAW ONE OF BABY PICTURE BEFORE. All along, i thought i didn't have any young photos (maybe a few from other's camera) cos my parents were really poor that time, they almost gave me away, how could they afford a camera then?

Till that day, my mum brought home an album of my pictures taken by my nanny when i was around 1+ year old. (I don't think i've any baby photos before 1 year old lor!)

Raeann said, "wow, mummy, you look like Raechelle leh", LOLOL! Shown it to ZY and he said, "你来的啊? 哇! 很像很像!".


My cousin; Estee!

My eldest uncle!

My dearest Xuan Xuan!

ZY! (I only have this!)

Alright, so who does she really looks like? Though she don't look 100% like me but she don't look a single bit like ZY, i think? Her smile looks like me, her eating style is just like me (except that she loves celery & bitter gourd which i dislike) and her light sleeper habit too (something which i'm not too proud of).

ZY was kinda sad after looking at the photos and he said to Raeann, "ah bee, you look like papa lah, meimei looks like mummy". Then i jitao broke his heart by saying, "no, ah bee looks like bobo leh".

But as Raeann grows up, she's looking more and more like ZY now. She just told me she is 小 ZY! LOL

Then again, like i just mentioned, look like who is not important at all. Their health and safety ranked number 1!

Not bias but Raeann dislikes taking photo, just like her father!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL, not 100%, but i guess about 80%!

    2. haha cos even same hairstyle hee~

    3. Ya, i told my mum also, 头发最像!!! Not purposely one cos our hair grows in sucha way, lol!

  2. HAHAHA look like u la!especially when u compare d photo u took w ur eldest uncle then raechelle's photo below!


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