Friday, December 21, 2012

All ready for X'mas!!!

Part II
Finally settled all the X'mas pressies! (Still lacked of baby niece's one though, wait till i go shopping!) In fact, i've already given out most of the presents liao. Hope they will like my little gift! Not expensive but it's something useful to them, hopefully.
Need to rant something about my sis's gift.
I ordered a customised heart swaroski crystal name necklace for her from MyNameNecklace (Seriously, i don't know where is it located, but from the envelope, their address is somewhere at Israel.) few months ago. It took about one month to reach me...
1st one; necklace full of scratches, dirty gift box and rotten gift card. (FYI, i paid extra for the box and gift card!) I deliberately enlarged the pic to show those scratches. Emailed them to complain, they sent me a pre-paid envelope (which took half a month to reach me) and i sent the necklace back to them. They promised to do a new one for me, which took another almost one month to reach me...
2nd one; even more jialat than the 1st one sia, full of scratches + one deep long scratch at the centre of the heart, box is clean though. Emailed them to complain again becos there is NO WAY i'll accept such ugly necklace when i paid like $80 for it! Told them to refund me cos by the time i receive another replacement, X'mas will be over. FML, i should have done it in SG, cheaper and better. Waste my time, really, made me have to go & shop for another present locally.
P/S : So you see Bo, not i stingy leh, you have no fate with the necklace.
Advanced X'mas + Gift Exchange Dinner
A short one though!
With the friend whom stayed with me for 2 decades. Every year, without fail, she will prepare something for me and my kids. So fortunate to have a friend who dote on my kids as much as me. You know, if one fine day, she pop the news that she's gonna be a mum soon to me, i'll confirm be overjoy, as happy as she is. (Still waiting, faster leh, i want our kids to be friends too! =P)
Kinda regret to bring the kids along becos we don't have much chance to talk. It was supposed to be a "ladies session" without the husbands. No chance to go shopping also cos meimei was sleepy and cranky liao. She is very 'zhun' one leh! Everyday, after 8pm, she will starts yawning and rubbing her eyes liao.
Did i mention before her sleeping time is between 8:30pm - 9pm? It still is, unless there's some cock up. And she will sleep till the next morning. Even when she wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes (to look for me or whatever), i don't give her milk/water, i'll just pat her back to sleep. I don't want her to have night drinking habit. Both my girls didn't wake up for night feed since 4 months old and 2 months old respectively. Lucky me? Maybe. YES!!! 


  1. There's a local blogshop doing customised name necklace leh! Why u go order from Israel?!?!?! The website is haha

    1. Haiz, i don't know leh, i google and this shop pop out first so i just buy lor... NO MORE NEXT TIME LIAO!!


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