Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boring Saturday

BORED, otherwise i will not be here blogging.

Play mate now, shopping mate in future! :)

Raeann's last art lesson today but she did not attend as she was a little unwell; slight fever, quite jialat running nose & cough. And she woke up many times in the middle of last night, complained that she can't breathe well. Okay, she's given the permission to skip class.

I don't like her to skip class without a valid reason. Sometimes, when Alexis didn't attend the class, she will tell me she don't wanna go too. But, by hook or by crook, i'll make her go. Becos i know her too well. She's those who likes to 半途而废 becos she doesn't like doing the same thing for too long. So now, before she decided to do anything, i will tell her, "No matter what, you must finish the whole course. You choose to go, nobody forced you".

Quite wasted as we can see improvements in her drawings/colorings etc after she started learning. But as i said before, i don't wanna force her lah. Her "torturing days" (Primary) are coming soon anyway... Oh well!

Despite unwell, appetite still not bad! She craved for pasta lor!

Back home, she napped for a couple of hours and this meimei went to wake her up by doing this...

She always do that to me too!!! Quite useful cos it works every single time. She can't do to her daddy cos he cover up his whole face when sleeping one. He asked me to learn from him to put a "protection" also.

Anyway, i'm sure all of you have heard of the blogger's saga that is a hot topic right now. I don't wish to name anyone becos i'm not trying to gain fame or traffic here. But i've been catching up on the updates becos hor, people keep posting it leh. Yes lah, i'm kpo lah, but this is human nature, i guess.

That victim's chinese is sibei powerful lor, read until my eyes blur blur. I really feel her and understand why she trashed everything out. But she did it in a classy way, isn't it? She did not insult anyone! I don't think she did anything wrong by speaking up leh? In fact, she has already warned the 3rd party that if one day they get together (cos she keep denying mah), she will publicize this out. The only thing that's not expected - the big reactions. Many people, especially women, HATE 小三!

I know there are worse cases around and many ladies choose to suffer/cry alone, which i don't think is good, confirm tio depression lor.

As for the 3rd party, i think she has many haters now. First thing that came to my mind, "Huh? I thought she always portray herself until very innocent & good one?". Well, i don't know her so i'm not gonna comment much. But i always believe in "what goes around, comes around".

Can't believe there are people defending her, with lamest reasons. Whatever. Just my 2 cents worth!


  1. Hi Joanne,
    who is the person that Raeann draw? Look like Psy from 'gangdam style'.


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