Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Breakfast @ Malaysia Boleh!

Date : 2nd December 2012
These were the crowds at 10:30am at Jurong Point. We had to wait awhile before we got a table. I NEVER EXPECT IT! Cos many people said the food not nice mah, then why still so many people? ZY wanted to go and try de... Okay lor, better than fast food breakfast!
Don't know what longan drink.
Curry Chicken Mee
This girl finished the whole bowl, and some of ZY's food as well. So hungry meh? Supposed to share the mee with me de lor!
Claypot Chicken Rice (Pic very blur cos ZY was in a hurry to eat liao!)
My favorite pancake!!
I'm not going to comment about the food cos different people have different taste! But ZY said it's not bad lor. If you're sick of fast food breakfast and wanna try something different, like me, you can give this place a try! :)

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