Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas 2012 Give Away


It has been such a long time since i last held a Give Away here, i reckon this is an appropriate time to do so!!! Saw some new arrivals from Party Jewels and i cannot resist not buying it, so damn cute!!!

Do u like this too? :)


Here, i'm giving away this Santa Claus My Melody goodie bag with $100 worth of goodies inside, proudly sponsored by Yours Truly, me! The goodies consist of 2013 organiser, cosmetics, hand/nail products, pouch, Sticky candy, My Melody angbao packet & etc! I'm still not sure what will i put inside but i can guarantee that everything will be 'hoh liaos' becos it will be stuffs i own too! (I buy for myself, buy an extra set for you to win!)

P/S : Sorry, Santa Claus is being sold out rapidly!!!

My Melody Angbao

Babyface Blusher

This blusher super cute!!!

Missha Lip Gloss

 Kanebo KATE Eye Shadow

One of my favourite eye shadow!

O.P.I Cuticle Revitalizer Oil

This is good! (After doing Gelish, my cuticles started peeling real badly - until bleed lor, so i bought this and have been using it for months, can really see the result. Very handy also, i bring it everywhere i go! It's finishing soon, so i'm gonna buy it again!)

Cute Flower Kabuki Makeup Brush

NOT AVAILABLE IN SG! Kabuki brush is so IN nowadays! Tested & proven, the brush is so soft and it will spread out blusher so evenly, LOVE IT!!!

My Melody Coaster

And etc etc etc!!! To be continued...

How to win?

Very simple! All you have to do is, "LIKE" and "SHARE" Party Jewels's Facebook page & leave a comment here with your FB username. One winner will be selected randomly!! Contest ends on 20th December 2012, 12pm sharp and winner will be announced on 21st December 2012. Anyone who is staying in Singapore is welcome to join!

Quick! Go "LIKE" and "SHARE" it now!!!

P/S : Remember to SHARE in order to qualify! More shares = more chances!

P/P/S : I'm actually using my Nuffnang Cashout to buy those stuffs, in a way to thank all my readers and haters (lol). Thank you for reading my humble blog! =)


  1. Omg! melody my fav.
    fb user: Tan hui peng

    1. LOL, I kept My Melody for myself too! You can purchase it from Party Jewels!! =D

  2. Liked & shared! :)
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  3. liked and shared, i like the santa bag, just right for this christmas season :D
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  5. i hope i could win!!!

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  7. Hopefully to get "My Melody goodie bag" for this coming Christmas.

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    Po pi to get.. haahaa..

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  11. So lovely! Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  12. Hopefully to get "My Melody goodie bag" for this coming Christmas ! Sooo Cute !
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