Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do you agree?

Source : FB
Chanced upon this...
Quite true eh? HAHAHAHA


  1. Yes! I totally agree!

    Whenever my friends wants to meet up they always ask me to organise, plans always failed as so&so say not free or can't make it and its always a day before or last min!

    I always got so pissed by them and i learn a lesson that "IF THEY WANT TO MEET UP LET THEM ORGANISE " and let them know how it feels when they got reject last min and a day before!

    So angry with those people if not free just say oh i can't attend maybe next time don't last min say can't i know that things happen very sudden but i really hate those people..

    So im totally agree with the post!! (^_^)

    1. IKR! I also don't like to organise anything one. Plus, i also don't really like to mingle around in big groups.

  2. Big group more hard to organise and I always push to my other friends cause i organise they not happy also won't say then give me a fake smile see until i tired esp boys as they don't like girls planning as they think we always wanna shop and shop.. hahahas.


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