Monday, December 17, 2012

Family Weekend

Impromptu plan to go City Square Mall for dinner on Saturday evening, cos ZY said we have not been there for a long time liao...
My sibei guai lan baby girl.
She's SUPER fierce, even jiejie also kena beaten (cos she just woke up and jiejie went to hug her very tightly, she got angry and beat her), sigh. Scold, beat, threaten her with cane, she also no scare one. I'm very stress, i don't know how to discipline her, she is NOT scare of anyone/anything.
City Square Mall suddenly become very popular leh cos we have to wait for carpark. Last time, no need, no crowds at all. I think it's due to, they have plenty of events for kids every weekends.
Plus, a new Toy'r'us outlet just opened there.
Jiejie is very scare of all these mascots, since 3 years old (baby/toddler time she ok one). Then meimei sut sut went to say Hi to this Toy'r'us giraffe so jiejie also want to act brave, hahaha! Kids and kids influenced the fastest, better than mummy's word.
We happened to meet "CHUGGINGTON" over the weekends.
The husband suggested to eat Seoul Garden, so we went. The two girls ate one big bowl of rice each.
Rewarded jiejie with train ride after dinner.
Meimei kept calling and calling for jiejie and jiejie said HI. I didn't let meimei sit cos i'm worried she will fall out as her butt got many needles and jiejie don't really know how to look after her yet. But i saw her kept calling out and got very excited whenever jiejie passed by...
So i let her try too, and jiejie sat for a 2nd time. MEIMEI IS VERY VERY HAPPY! And she sat through, phewz! (Okay, i cutted her hair for her and she moved around, that's why is this funny and ugly now, lol!)
Time to head home and Zzz!
(Bought toothbrush for meimei and asked jiejie to teach her how to brush her teeth!)
Planned to visit ILS with these two M&M, Raeann was wearing my clothes btw, lol!
Chloe's a good baby sitter. She can skip all the fun/play just to look after babies, lol.
Then sweetie Ler Yee came over too! She also wore M&M, not planned!!!
CUTE RIGHT? Just realised she has very deep dimple! And i love the baby scent on her head!!!
Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti is on the way.
SIL was saying that nowadays, it's not easy to have 6-7 grandchildren. I AGREE! Becos nowadays, it's not easy to feed/teach a kid and not much people wanna give birth to so many. So yes, BE THANKFUL for everything, irregardless of gender. As long as they are healthy and safe, be contented.
Then we went to meet "CHUGGINGTON" again!! They decided to go for dinner together there, settled for Aston! I was so nua and sleepy, the dinner was an impromptu one also!

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