Friday, December 14, 2012

Front Camera : 4S VS 5

Alright, let's get straight to the point. XS just bought a new iPhone 5 and i played with it for awhile becos i've heard raves about how clear iPhone 5 front camera is and i wanna try.

To my surprise, iPhone 5 front camera is quite MEH!

Show you guys some pictures and you will understand what i mean...

We were at O'Bar last night, located at TradeHub 21. This is the original light color, blue.
This is from iPhone 5 front camera, our face is jitao blueee...
Under the same lighting and angle, this is from my iPhone 4S. See the difference?
Though not clear but at least, our face is human color.
One more reason on why i should not change to iPhone 5 when my contract ends. Cos i told ZY i wanna change to SIII and he said iPhone user will not like/get used to Android phone. 
However, IF he offered to buy me an iPhone 5, i will take!!! HAHAHA! Free one, why not?
Maybe i'll take back 4S cos i love everything about my 4S now.


  1. is it because of the focus ? because if u tap on the screen on difference focus point, the lighting will change. anyway if S3 is ur choice & yet ZY buy u i5, ..... take it sell it buy S3 still can earn! opss hahaha

  2. I don't know leh, we kept trying but still very blue. Is there any setting that can be done?!


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