Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting ready for X'mas!!!

Haha, there's part II becos i suddenly remember this person that person and i need to get moreeee... Still haven go & collect meimei's one yet! HO HO HO! Raeann said, "你很像圣诞老人 hor?" Oops! (Oh, i hided all her presents of cos!)
Self-decorated Sticky! Nice? :)
These are what Raeann wrote on her wishlist; a pair of pink jeans and a big box of color pencils!
But Santa mummy is gonna rewards her with two additional gifts; a zipper pencil case & big pad of colored paper (Did i mention before that she loves paper more than money now? lol).
Beside all the X'mas pressies...
Small gift for SIL's birthday!
We shared these for mummy's birthday!
She's drinking this and she said it's not bad. But hor, one bottle can only last one month and it's so expensive. Women! I think i should start drinking it also!!!
And i bought this on behalf of Raeann & Raechelle to mummy. Gonna ask Raeann write her one "love letter", hahaha! Paiseh ah, i forgot to take picture before wrapping, lol!
XS's birthday present has not arrive yet, gonna give Ashlyn an angbao, easier. Buy a few more X'mas pressies and i'm ALL DONE with the gifts! Oh yeah~ (I bought a few gifts for myself too! LOL! Bo bian lor, nobody buy for me, i buy for myself lor! I'm kidding!)


  1. Hi dear, care to share more info on de super collage you bought for ur mom?

    1. Erm, u whatsapp me ba, i send you snapshot of the brochure. I not sure also, people intro me, i intro my mum then she said it's not bad lor. I 不舍得 buy for myself to drink cos so expensive, lol!


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