Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Ardy Boy!

Date : 8th December 2012, Saturday
Venue : CSC, Children Party Room

I tried rotating & uploading it MANY TIMES, my com shows the right scale but upload liao become lidat! The chio invitation card that was sent to my house by mail. Told her don't need liao cos i've already marked down the date but she said it's a package. Why so hardworking one?!
Then you know, my girls decided to wake me up at freaking 5am that day! :( I was so so so so so so sleepy! I decided to prepare the kids earlier lor and prepared myself before Raeann's class, went straight after her class. And cos i was ready TOO early, i asked Jing to help me curl my hair, FOR FUN.  
Chio not?!
I also decided to use the Dolly Wink falsie that Bo bought for me earlier this year during her Japan trip (cos i pestered her to) after reading XX's Dolly Wink post! But after that, i decided to change to another pair cos i feel that Dolly Wink is too 夸张 on my eyes. However, now i look at all the pictures, it's actually quite okay. Very contradicting!
Okay, Aliza is actually XS's primary school mate, knew her for over a decade liao.
Super nice Dragonfly balloon!
The mama host!
Why on earth is everyone slimming down and i'm the only one putting on weight?! Vincent said it's cos i'm having good life now. Told u liao, my life is so awesome now. 幸福就会发福咯! *excuses*

Thank you for the invite & door gifts! :)
Dear Ardy boy, Aunty Joanne decided to give you angbao instead becos i don't know how to buy gifts for boys. Stay handsome, healthy, be a good boy and must listen to mummy ok?

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