Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe!

December; a month of celebrations. We have got invitations, almost every weekends!

Last Saturday - Niece Chloe's 6th Birthday
Yesterday - Cousin's son's 1st Birthday (but i didn't attend, paiseh man)

This coming Saturday, Aliza's son's 1st Birthday & Zeming's son baby shower, still not sure if we're attending Zeming's one though becos i've already told ZY that i'll be AVOIDING all these common friends' occasions and he agreed that i should avoid it too.

Anyway, we attended Chloe's 6th birthday bbq on Saturday at one of their relative's condo...

I'm getting fatter! :`(
Weight stuck at 48.5kg and refused to go down!!!
A very simple yet pretty cake, i likey! =D
The birthday girl! She's getting prettier i must say!
KTV after cake cutting! The kids listening attentively to ah yi singing...
The adults also... Wahahahaha! I don't know why, i just find these two pictures super funny!
We left shortly after that cos meimei is sleepy already. Her sleeping time is between 8:30pm - 9pm so around 8pm, she will starts yawning and gets cranky liao.

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