Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello Size 25! =D

OMG, it's another Friday again... Why the time passes like rocket now?! Raeann's going to the Kidz Amaze camp this coming Monday! Hope she will behave and LEARN something there! Don't waste my $$$!!! (ZY said i always let her join this join that so i've to pay myself, lol!) I'm not kiasu ok, i asked her if she wanna join or not, i didn't force her at all. I don't wanna ruin her childhood by forcing her to pick up all the courses i want. Childhood is the BEST STAGE in life, i feel!

Anyway anyway, yesterday, i managed to squeeze into my size 25 Levis Signature jeans...

Not lying, really is 25. But i think Signature range's cutting is bigger, that's why!
I think i can wear it few months back, just that i didn't try. Now that i putted on some weight back, the jeans is damn freaking tight!!! Time to go on diet again...
This is ME now, not strong but 看的很开了!
Accept or walk away, your choice! =)

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