Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Itacho Sushi @ JCube

Date : 4th December 2012, Tuesday

I sot tio JCube lately, keep thinking and asking people to go there. No why, i just feel like going there, lol. So last Tuesday, the husband brought us there again, on the condition i need to treat him for dinner. OKAY. (Seems like i'll agree to anything just to go there, haha!)
This is where we had our dinner...
Little Miss Act-Like-She-Knows-How-To-Read
Cheap leh...
They have this Sushi HAPPY HOUR, quite lame.
Spicy Salmon Inari, very very yummy.
My Tom Yum Udon...
ZY's, don't know what.
Gawd, the food serving was really slowwwwwwwwwww... Then we thought most probably the food is cheap and nice, alot of people, that's why it's slow. But then hor, the bill came up to around $65 for 2 adults & 1 baby, not really cheap leh... Or did we order alot?!
And except for the Spicy Salmon Inari, the rest of the food is so-so only. Don't think i'll go back there UNLESS there are long queues every elsewhere, or UNLESS the husband has got craving, or UNLESS my mum wanna try, lolol. 

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