Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just Fun 3-Days Kidz Camp

Date : 10th - 12th December 2012
Venue : Kidz Amaze Jurong Safra

As mentioned before, i have signed Raeann up for this camp. Ethan's parents signed him up too!
These are the itineraries for the 3 days.
Day 1
They were really excited!!!
I've to wake up earlier and prepare extremely fast cos i've to leave the house before 8am; to bring meimei to aunt's house and pick up Ethan to Kidz Amaze. Well, it's not on-the-way but i'm fine with it.
I asked them if i can leave them there and go to work? Raeann's reply, "go lah, go go go, we can cope. I'll take care of kor kor and kor kor will take care of me". So cool lor!
But, i received a call from Kidz Amaze informing me that Raeann was feeling unwell, complained that she felt neusea and her temperature was 37 degrees. So i asked them to let her rest there for awhile, she will be fine after that. I was right, she was okay after that, i think she over-played, always the case.
That night, she looked really lethargic. Asked her to wash up and go to bed and she did. She slept around 7+pm.
Packed her bag for the next day as they are going to ECP!
Day 2
And so i left for work again. Everything goes well on the 2nd day!
Day 3
They are going to make X'mas card so Raeann wants to bring her "tools box". LOL
These are what's inside her tools box. Her stuffs keep increasing lor! When i first packed this for her, it was already full, but now is exploding, lol! But anyway, she LOVES this box so much and protects it alot, put beside her when she sleep one leh! GOOD!
Wonder if they will be embarrass when they see this pic 10 years later? LOL
Both of them were so excited when they knew they are able to enter the playground immediately. So after putting all their stuffs, off they ran to the playground. I left without saying bye cos i've no chance to. Raeann called me about 10 mins later to say "byebye", LOLOL!
At night, i asked her why she so 'bo liao'? She said she cried cos she haven say 'byebye' to me. HAHA, so silly!
Alright, that marks the end of the 3 days camp. Raeann kept telling us all the fun she had there, the games they played, their "teachers" (She said she likes Winnie Bomb the most! And explained why her name is called Winnie Bomb, lol!) and kept saying that she wanna go again. Money very well spent, i'm very happy cos she's very happy!
Considered that Kidz Amaze provided them 3 meals, to & fro bus ride to ECP, access to the playground and etc, i feel that the price is TOTALLY WORTH! Parents out there, you may consider sending your kids there if they have such camps again. I told Raeann that if she behaves, i'll send her there again during June Holiday next year, if they organise!
P/S : These are all the pictures i took. If Kidz Amaze were to send me pictures during the camp (which i don't think they will), i'll update this post with new pictures!

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