Thursday, December 6, 2012

Life is far too good without troublemakers!

Sometimes, people don't really buy the story others gossip about you. But it's YOUR OWN ACTIONS THAT PROVES EVERYTHING.
For all i care! My life is too awesome now!
You know what's called MOVING ON? That is, to IGNORE people and things that may affect your mood/life. (By not reading my blog i mean!) I'm doing it great now. Found out some deletion + blocking while sorting out my FB friends list yesterday. Hahaha! BUT I CAN'T BE BOTHERED!
The husband is coming to pick me up to town now, to collect meimei's X'mas pressie & lunch! See. My life couldn't be better than now, without lousy & fake friends people around me.
Bonus is coming.................... WOOOHOOOOO!!!

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