Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lunch with dearest Mum~

Date : 12th December 2012
Venue : Watami @ JCube

Errr... Yah ah, we can treat it as a celebration to 12-12-12, lol! Nope, it's not planned, i just decided to go out for some good food. Treated mum to a sumptuous lunch at Watami JCube! (Told u i sot tio JCube lately liao!)

And, going Watami wasn't planned as well. We didn't know what to eat, we just anyhow walked into one restaurant. And the meal turned out... really GOOD! =D

We ordered the $59 set (about $69 includes GST and Service Charge) and both of us ate till want to vomit, we packed two items home lor.

BEHOLD! There will be alot of food pictures from this moment on, too much for just $59!!!


Main Course
Side Dish
ALL these for just $59, can you believe it?
Beside the three appetizers which are fixed, the rest you can choose, there are rice or noodles, soda or soft drinks! How? I think it's super worth lah! And hor, i feel that it's more for 3-4 paxs (of my size) cos how can two paxs finish all the food??? That's ALOT!!!

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