Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Merry X'mas 2012

Had wanted to organise a X'mas party on the eve as requested by some of my friends, but i'm too lazy, plus i've to bring my dad to the hospital on the eve's morning and therefore, i've no time to prepare. So i thought i would just rot my X'mas away, it seems like any other days to me, except for giving/receiving gifts!

However, Bo decided to give us a treat and do a steamboat at home cos she just got her first pay from her internship. And she went to buy the food cos her company's half day. THANK YOU AH!

Then my husband... he went to buy satay (don't know for what cos we're eating steamboat?) and said it's my X'mas present, from him to me (he was damn dead serious). So he went to set up the BBQ pit himself and 'peng' the satay for us. Okay lah, quite appreciate his thoughts cos i never buy anything for him also! =X

I asked him what he wants for X'mas few months ago, and he said "nothing". So i took his words very seriously and bought him nothing lor. This kind of 听话 wife where to find?! HAHA

Apparently, it's just a dinner among the family, so i couldn't be bothered to dress up/makeup.
Our "Santa" distributing "gifts" to all of us!
Haha, the smoke made my mum looks dreamy!!!
Perhaps this is the 'nua-est' X'mas i've ever spent ever since my puberty age, LOL! Cos in the past hor, even at home, i'll still put makeup one leh, to look better in pictures! But this year, i jitao cannot be bothered. Is this a sign of getting old??
All of us get one of this each. HUAT AH! LOL
My bro's coll (who is staying nearby) came to join also cos he's a lonely soul, lol!
Mum asked her friend to come also, and her daughter can play with Raeann.
Oh yah, no mention of Raechelle cos she went to bed already. Put her to bed before 8pm, and she woke up at 7am (or earlier, i'm not sure) the next morning. My god! I was so so so so so so so sleepy becos i slept at 3am! :(
Playing the light sticks Jerlyn bought for Raeann as X'mas present.
And she made all the ladies in the house wear lidat, even my mum and her friend, lol. ONLY FOR FEMALE, male cannot.
Ended the night with some sparkling juice, Bo said it's champagne!!
Asked Raeann to go to bed earlier cos if "Santa" dropped by at 12am, and if she's still not asleep, there will be no presents for her. Well, she believed, and went to bed, hahaha!
Thank you for all the gifts! ♥
(Some gifts are not inside the photos becos not wrapped and Raeann uses it liao!)
The next morning...
7 early 8 early woke up to see if "Santa" got give her any presents anot!
Then, the best part, opening up all her presents!
I swear she's super happy when she saw all the things she wished for!
This is what i bought for meimei but she seems not very interested in it. More interested in food lor!
Oh, and Care Bears! She got another one as X'mas gift from SIL & BIL.
We went to JP for our brunch and shopping for cousin & baby niece's presents. Should have recorded down meimei's reaction when she saw so many Care Bears on the rack at Kiddy Palace. She was so sleepy before that, but when she saw, she was like "BEAR BEAR, BEAR BEAR".
ZY passed her this one and she was very happy. But i don't allow her to buy, so when i took it away from her, she cried so bitterly (for a few seconds only, haha). Wah lau, the room is already so full and crowded liao and i also don't want her to have the habit of "must buy something whenever we go out".
HAHAHAHA, Raeann went to bid BYEBYE to "Santa Claus", thanked him for his presents, wished him a Merry X'mas and Happy New Year in the evening. LOL! KIDS! Happiness can be this simple!
Being able to spend a quiet and heart warming X'mas with the family is a form of blessing. Hope you guys had a blessed X'mas too! :)

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