Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mixed Emotions

Kinda busy with work today, finally got the time to sit down, get into deep thoughts and pen it down here.

Today, i've to do the "nasty" job to dispel one new worker from China back. Becos, my dad, whom is one very fussy boss is displeased with his job performance. He has been with us since 17th Oct, so it's around 1 month plus.

I'm emo.

Becos i feel he's so 可怜!!! I know they have to spend ALOT of money in order to come here to work.

The agent just faxed the cancellation of work permit document over and he's going back tonight! :(

I wish him all the best and hope he can find a better boss!


  1. I feel so sad for him. My boss at work, doesnt wan to give me more work bcoz she doesnt like me. She mostly give the work to people to suck up to her. sian

  2. Sigh, very sad to hear that! Thought of changing a new job?

  3. If only job is so easy to find especially xmas is coming soon. They pay really well. Once i get another job then i will quit.

  4. No, not now, cannot now. Want to quit also after taking bonus! Bear with it. I believe company polities are common everywhere. Even my small company has polities too!

  5. The worse about working outside is there is always someone that cause you into trouble. I understand that every company has politics but the thing is if there is just one person who go bad mouth about you or others to the boss and make the boss hate you when you just stat working for a few days, is the most sian thing. There is this person at my work place, she will always says bad things about us to the boss and she has more experience than me, if the boss scold and said we do wrong, she will just walk away and pretend like she nv treat us this or that. Sometime i find working with family member is better at least they know wat kind of person you are and won't be that unreasonable.

  6. Sigh, why did u meet sucha bootlicker? I feel ya, sian to work with this kind of people. Faster go 打小人!!!

    Aiya, i see u good, u see me good lor. Working for family will have polities too. Some family may even fall out due to it.

    I've met really nice bosses before too!! Good luck to your job hunting! =D


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