Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mother Queen's Birthday

Yeah, today is my dearest mummy's birthday! Sent her one long SMS early this morning, passed her the gift and card we all got for her too. And we're going for some good food tonight! YIPPIE!!!

But actually, we have already went out for a good lunch just now...

All becos this lil' imp DEMANDED to eat here.
Cha Soba lover, just like her mummy, ah gong, ah gus & yiyi.
Denim bottom from Babbiee Kids.
Dinner here located at CCK ITE.
(The same restuarant ZY treated my family on my birthday!)
While waiting for the rest to come...
The food is not bad, bill came up to about $406 and they don't accept credit cards. -.- What if people don't bring much cash out? Luckily i have NETS lor.
The aunty took so many shots (about 5 in my camera and more than 10 in Bo's hp) and this first shot (after cropping) is the best, i suppose. Becos everyone's looking at the camera!!! The rest hor, either this person looked elsewhere or that person closed her/his eyes.
Nobody’s equal to you, mum,
With you in our life, We're blessed,
We love you so, and We want you to know,
We think you’re the very best.
Happy Birthday, Mummy!

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