Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slim or Chubby?

Surprised to see me blogging at this time? Cos i'm waiting for XS to knock off lah. We're supposed to meet to town today (for her birthday dinner) but she forgot about the appointment and dressed nua-ly, so we changed to somewhere nearby. Everyone left the office liao, i don't know what time am i supposed to wait till, hope it will be soon!

Anyway, i'm looking through all my pictures now (becos i'm too free lah). I realised, my face is chubbier now and i look much better (i think).

Sigh, i guess i'm really not suitable to be skinny, i'll look old & haggard when i get too skinny. I don't know why, my face and tummy will go down first when i go on diet. I wish it's my arms and thighs lor!

This was taken while on-the-way to become fat. See my face shape and sunken eyes? That's what i mean, very OLD. I decided to stop all the home exercise and diet when i see my haggard face.
So now, today (jus took this picture), my face is no longer haggard. But i see my weight shooting up and my body expanding, i am SAD. Just weighed this morning and i'm freaking 49kgs! WTF, how can i allow myself lidat???? CONTROL LEH JOANNE!
Tell me, should i go on diet again????? (My diet very extreme one, i don't touch rice at all and i eat VERY little!)
But it's unless i'm super determined again, otherwise, with ZY's constant good food pampering, it's highly impossible.
He's ALWAYS packing food, food and more food home. He said that his way of loving me is giving me food to eat, LOL! (Then after that, complain that i'm very fat, ask the kids to call me bui eh!)

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