Monday, December 31, 2012

Thank you 2012!

Reading through my blog posts from Jan - Dec 2012, i'd gladly say that 2012 has been nice to me...

  • Success in my diet plan, got even slimmer than my pre-preg weight, though i put on some weight back now.
  • Eat plenty of good food!
  • Went to Hatyai for a shopping holiday in Feb.
  • Learnt how to handle two kids alone.
  • Got closer to PY and let our girls attended classes/courses together.
  • Went for Angry Birds Cable Car Ride with my lil' family on my birthday.
  • Picked up some cooking skill.
  • Discovered a new place to pamper my nails.
  • Planned the first birthday party for my two girls and received very good responses.
  • Bought myself a new compact camera, haha! (So lame!)
  • Went for a 3 days 2 nights staycation at R.W.S with my family and friends on ZY's birthday.
  • Attended LEGO DUPLO blogger's event, received some advertorials and sponsorships.
  • Attended many weddings, birthdays & babies showers.
  • Spent alot of time with my family & parents.
  • I've lost some friends but gained more friends, knowledge, wisdom & patience, so the loss is worth while, i've no regrets. At least now i know, who are those worthy of my time.
  • Most importantly, i get to watch my two kids grow, day by day. Gone are those freedom days but watching them grow is a form of happiness too. Also, relationship between me and ZY has never been better than before. We both have learnt to give and take.

Alright, that's about all, not much, but it's enough to make me happy. Thank you very much for the great year, i'm looking forward to an even better 2013! =D

Happy New Year, everyone!
Updates : I've typed this weeks ago but scheduled to post today, the last day of 2012. Anyway, we're just back from the doctor, meimei suddenly fell sick yesterday morning. There goes my hotel countdown plan with XS & friends, sobz!

That's why i never like to make plans early cos i don't know what last minute cock up will i receive. And it's not nice to last minute fly people aeroplane, haiz! Mummies out there whom have to look after kids themselves will understand what i mean. Well well, it's okay, kids are more important! :)

Last chapter of 2012; 请将所有的霉运,病痛,小人 (还有 pimples, haha) 和种种的坏东西跟随 2012 年走。。。欢迎 2013 年!(",)
Suddenly popped one humongous pimple on my chin last Saturday evening! (I very long don't have pimples liao lor!) And it's those cannot be squeezed out type. The more i squeeze, the more swollen it gets. But my itchy hand cannot fail to touch it leh. Howwwwwwwww?! Shoo shoo pimple, please go with 2012, don't come back anymore, i won't miss you! #Kthxbye


  1. Dear Joanne,
    After reading this post, I am happy for you. It seems like a xin fu and happy xiao jia ting.

    I was wondering how do you know that he is the one you one to spend your life with. I have been with my bf for nearly 5 years. Recently I find that I cant see myself with him in future anymore. I just feel that is the end of our relationship. There is no third party involve.

    We are living together although we are not married. We live like married couple, suddenly i feel so tired of this kind of life. At times when he made me really frustrated especially when he is really stress with work and in bad mood, I feel that my love decreases. Is it possible that I am just tired and need a holiday? Is it bcoz the relationship is coming to an end. I have not speak to him about this at all. I didn't want to upset him. At times I just want a break from him, I was thinking of going our separate way for one year and if I feel that we want this relationship then we patch back. Now maybe we are wasting our time since we are not getting any younger

    Maybe life will be different if we meet at later stage of our lives.

    After this relationship really ended. I don't think I will want to start another relationship again or any time soon. I feel that i don't want to go through the process of courting,honeymoon period and getting to know each other, at least for now.

    Sorry for taking up so much of your time.

    helpless girl

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      There is this sentence that goes "因了解而分手", are u in this kind of situation? Like there isn't any more "spark" in the r/s and you feel so sick of it already.

      In fact, the longer a couple date, the more they don't feel like getting married especially those staying together. Cos like what you said, you're already living like a married couple, so it doesn't matter getting married anot since you're already in your comfort zone. However, this doesn't applies to everyone.

      I married this husband after 4 months of dating due to shotgun and of cos, i don't know and wasn't sure if he is the one during that time. I was struggling and i actually wanted to cancel the wedding 1 month before it happens. But my parents scolded me, so i went ahead, despite feeling 7上8下.

      First 2 years of marriage was disaster. He no longer gives in to me like how he does when we were dating and most of the time, he's living in his own world, only care for himself and nobody else. Many times, i wanted to divorce. But i was stuck with a kid.

      As my family are those very traditional thinking type, they are of cos very against it, kept washing my brain that my kid will grow up incomplete and turn rebelious without a complete family and i should just try again.

      We were seperated for about a year before i let go of all the unhappy pasts and try again. This time round, i keep telling myself "ignorance is bliss" and direct all my attentions ONLY on my kids and myself. I BO CHUP EVERYTHING ELSE.

      Now, he's still living in his own world sometimes but i'll just ignore him. Talk about love? I doubt there's any. But well, i believe alot of marriage out there turns stagnant and boring after a few years. 我看开了.

      My motto "Stay positive and happy. Look on the bright side of everything. Let go what i can't change and forget what makes me unhappy."

      As for you, i think i'm not in the position to give you any advice on r/s and marriage cos mine ain't any perfect marriage either. We're just better than before cos our "before" was really jialat.

      Hope you will find a way out soon! Stay happy! =)

  2. Dear Joanne,
    Thanks for sharing with me. I am not sure what I want to do at the moment. I know I shouldn't drag on anymore and wasting both our time. I don't wish to hurt him as well. I guess i just have to give myself some time to think through before making a decision. He might hate me and get really upset.

    Helpless girl

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