Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The bond we share...

I told Raeann how her father courted me! And she went to ask him. But ZY told her it's me who courted him instead, and said i kept pestering him, which is of cos, not true. He's the irritating one, kept pestering me despite me rejecting him many times. LOL

And we sometimes joke about how stupid we are marrying each other! Then Raeann said, i'm stupid, her father is also stupid, so two stupid people together, 很配!

(LOL! Her words really stunted me! Very smart reply huh?)

Last night, we went jogging together and it suddenly rain very heavily. We were SOAKED, have no choice but to run under the rain as there wasn't any shelter nearby at all. I covered her head with my hands...

Raeann: "U better cover yourself, it will be bad if you fall sick, nobody takes care of us."
Me: "No lah, it's okay, i'll cover you, i won't get sick so easily one. U kid, u will fall sick easily!"
Raeann: "Let's get drench together then, since we're already half drenched."

Raeann is like my best friend cos we share everything under the sun/moon.

(Although there are some secrets she shares with her dad and pleaded him not to tell me cos she's afraid i'll punish her, but when i asked her in a very firm way, she will confess everything!)

She complains to me, i complain to her, she comforts me, i comfort her.

(Surprisingly, at the age of 5, she knew alot, watched too much TV i think!)

She speaks up for me whenever i argued with ZY, and ZY 死在她手上. She's being sent to control ZY, i think. While meimei is being sent to control me, hahaha!

Which is why, we seldom argue nowadays, becos of these two joker daughters we have. When i see them, all my angers disappeared, naturally.

This morning, while making milk for her...

She took this hairband and wear, then pose and let me take pictures, lol.
I'm amazed that she knew this is a hairband, becos i seldom wear hairband. I'll only wear when i'm putting on mask, that's when she's sleeping. Thus, she has never seen me wearing hairband before. She's sucha darling when she smile!
(But a devil when she gets angry! ZY said she's totally like me; daring, seldom cry, very fierce, knows how to fight back when get bullied!)
So so so so so so so so thankful to have these two daughters. Hope i can be their best friend forever, till the day i die! =D
And also hor, (prior to those recent cheating sagas) I HOPE MY HUSBAND WON'T CHEAT ON ME. He better don't!
Issit very difficult to stay faithful & stick to one fucking partner?
Men; before you decided to cheat, SPARE A THOUGHT FOR YOUR SPOUSE AND CHILDREN. You won't know how much your foolish action will hurt and affect them, they don't deserve all these.
Women; NEVER EVER BE A 3RD PARTY. Everything goes in a cycle. You break up other's family, other will break up yours too. Karma's a bitch!


  1. Awwwww so sweet of your 5yr old daughter. Hope when mine turn 5 can be like yours too. But doubts coz mine very stubborn at times. Hahaha. How u teach your daughter all so guai? Mind sharing your facebook i can't find u in fb? Thank you pretty mummy! Envy max max max!!!!

    1. Haha, no no, she's not even consider "guai", very stubborn at times too. But she's scare of cane, that's why.

      She's only very good at talking and she can keep talking to me everyday. I believe spending alot of time with them will make the bond very strong.

      My email - joanne842@yahoo.com.sg

      No need to envy me, i've nothing for u to envy about leh. =P


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