Thursday, January 31, 2013

A bluey CNY!

So, instead of the boring red/pink nails where most people will be having every CNY, i go for BLUE this year!!!

This range of blue is my current favorite color! :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Don't know why i keep humming this song these few days. It's a very sad song, if you've watched 881. Must be those fatal news that happened lately...

By Liu Ling Ling & Ah Nam (Super funny, must watch!)

In memories of Ah Nam~

(They said this is a cursed song now. But i like this song leh!!!)

First intro-ed to this song by Ah Sam mama (the centre guy). Knew him during my clubbing days.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What do you term this kind of person?

Some random thought... #justsaying #nopunintended

Once upon a time, person A, B and C were friends.

So one fine day, B was unhappy with C and complained to A about it. A even told her not to blow up the (small) matter as all were friends for so long despite being unhappy with C too since long time ago.

However, the matter was being blown up. A got involved, for no reason.

A started hating C as C sent her friends to insult & curse A and family.

Subsequently, B bitched to A about C and vice versa.

After some time, the issue died down, A is no longer friend with C and couldn't be bothered about C at all.


B AND C RECONCILED. And at the same time, B fell out with A.

This time round, A got attacked.

B then bitched to C about what A bitched to B (about C) before. (How nice!)

Thank god for the strong character that lies in A, A wasn't affected much at all.

- The End -

So, what kind of person is B?

What have i been up to!

Days ago, in my sub-concious state (due to medication), i brought meimei (Raeann in school) to JP to get a birthday card for one of my girl friend. And this is what i bought...

It was till the next day then i realised, "i think i bought a wrong card"! LOL
Yesterday, i went to top up my Cashcard. And i took the receipt but left the Cashcard in the machine. I only realised when i left and on the way home. So i u-turned back to the petrol kiosk. One super kind soul actually picked and passed it to the cashier counter!!! Thank you, kind soul. Very thankful for all the kind people in my life! :)

Health + Safety

My heart sank when i heard about the news of the two brothers who got killed yesterday. No, i refused to read the whole story or view any pictures. Just the headline has upset me enough, and i'm only a stranger. Spare a thought for their parents, they are devastated now, stop posting  pictures/videos/whatever on the social platforms.

You know, whenever i go anywhere to pray, i'll always pray for my kids to be healthy and safe only. Yes, that's all i'm asking for. I will not pray for wealth cos i always think that, "是你的, 就是你的", don't have to ask for it, if it's yours, it will be yours.

To me, gender, looks & wisdom of my kids are not as important as health and safety. Without these two, you can never talk about the rest.

Now, i just have to agree with myself once again.

Deepest Condolence to their parents. RIP boys.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Why so busy?!

Thought that i will be able to blog something decent today, but was super busy for the whole morning. Piles of accounts to tally, then brought my dad to see doctor and then sent Raeann to school. I just came back not long ago with my da-baoed mee pok for breakfast/lunch.

Working mum; not as easy/free as you think. Don't judge others, if you don't like others to judge you! :) Alright, gonna get back to work. I'll be back, soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

All or Nothing

Hello all, i'm still alive, hahaha. I'm so nice to skip my game just to blog okay! (No, actually i'm multi tasking, lol!)

Down with bad cough and flu these few days, wonder issit cos i played too much game? ZY said so. He chided me for keep playing game but he's also playing leh?? And i said, "i learn from you wan".

I think he's just jealous cos i'm around 90 levels ahead of him now. Well, it's not my fault that he didn't have determination! He's those hor, encounter difficulty, he will ask me to help him to play (and he goes to bed) or he will just give up playing. While i'm those, if i cannot solve, i will keep trying and trying and trying until i succeed.

Speaks alot about life huh? I guess so.

Cos to me, it's either all or nothing. If i decided to do something, i'll make sure i do my best. Otherwise, don't do. I don't like to do things half half. And if i cannot complete my work, i cannot sleep at night, inherited this very bad gene from my mum.

Sorry for not blogging much cos you know lah, tied down with one hyper active seldom nap baby, i got no time to sit in front of my laptop at all. If i sit down, she will TRY HER BEST to disturb me, turn the whole room upside down and i don't know what she will do too. She's just so TERRIBLE, 100x worse than Raeann last time. Even Bobo said that i'll turn crazy sooner or later, if this continues...

If she's alone, she's fine, not bad to look after. But when jiejie's around, omg, disaster, monsters, horrible, scary and all that you cannot imagine. Depends on their mood also lah!

Their mood affects my mood. If they're in bad mood = i will be in bad mood also. My life revolves around them, it's only them them them that's happening to me everyday. No hor, i'm not trying to act noble but this is a fact. A fact that i don't really like. Sometimes, i get so damn sick of sucha life till i almost break down. Then, i'll divert my attention to shopping. Then, my pocket will be emo like me too, lolol.

Uh oh, meimei woke up from her sleep to look for me... And i told her that i'm gonna shut down my laptop and asked her to wait for me, so she's waiting for me now. (Ya, she's THIS sticky towards me leh. Like if i'm in the toilet and she didn't see me, she will tear the whole house down, so scary, what should i do???)

P/S : By the way, she started calling me "Mummy" about 1 week ago!!! ^^ (She used to call me "ma ma"!)

Time for bed liao! Nightz world!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New color for CNY!

Sorry for neglecting this blog, i've been busy with work, kids, pampering myself and PLAYING CANDY CRUSH. #fml

I'm sooooo addicted to it till i'm playing whenever i'm free and refused to sleep at night cos wanna wait for lives. This level 147 is getting on my nerves lor, why so difficult one??? I fucking hate the growing chocolate and time bomb!!! Anyway, those who are playing, send me lives k? Send me your requests and i'll confirm send lives to you (if i receive).

And oh, i've changed my hair color!!! Today, the husband decided to be nice and brought me to do rebonding + coloring. He paid and waited for me for... err... 5 hours? Oops!

Decided to go for darker tone becos light color makes my hair look like grass as it's not as healthy as before due to constant bleaching. Actually, i'm so bored with my hair but i don't know how i can change it. 
Ya lah ya lah, i've a big head and very high forehead. But they said people with big head are usually smarter cos brain is bigger. So, I'M PROUD TO HAVE A BIG HEAD! As long as it's proportion to my body, who cares? Better than big body with a small head, like a bird?

Aiyo, i've many many things to blog leh but...


Alright, back to it. Send me lives k? Heehee

P/S : I'll be on leave for the rest of this week to look after my kids. Yeah, it's time to discipline that little guai lan baby. You won't believe how guai lan is she.

Friday, January 18, 2013


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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Candy Crush Saga

Stuck at level 65 from last night till one minute ago, I FINALLY CLEARED IT, OMG!

The stupid chocolate will keep growing and growing which is fucking nnb irritating. 

I'm quite proud of myself actually, i used one day and one night to reach level 65, hahahahah! 

ZY was stuck at level 29 for a long time. 

I think i'm quite clever, cos i didn't really stuck at any levels before level 65, lol. 

Who's also playing? Send me lives leh!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Cheongsum + Market Flip Flop

Talk about fashion huh... LOL

She's wearing jiejie's cheongsum by the way. 


I didn't give this cheongsam away cos my dad specially bought it for Raeann from China. The material is good one, unlike those selling in SG which are kinda thin! And Raeann has a petite frame, so she was able to wear it till around 4 years old.

Racial Harmony Day 2009

CNY 2011

My mum said that buying this cheongsum was the right-est thing my dad has done, lolol. Lasted for so many years and passed on... It will prolly pass on to my nieces or grand-daughters, hahahah!   

They are around the same age in the picture. As you can see, the length for meimei is just nice now while it was still too long for Raeann then. Conclusion? Meimei, it's time for you to control your diet! Stop eating non-stop pls! Oh, they have one thing in common, THEIR SAI-TOR (fat tummy), it's HUGE like their father. 

Hahahaha, their eyes are entirely different. One, small like one straight line. Another one, round and big like marble. In term of looks, do they look like sisters at all? LOL

I really really love meimei's current age now, everyday full of funny stunts. I know i'll miss this stage very much in future!

So easy to migrate meh?

It seems like whenever our government implement something new or increase prices on something, there will be cyber wars between Singaporeans (not all). Some affected, of cos voiced out their unhappiness. And some pro-PAPs will shoot those who voiced out - left, right, up and down. So agitated for what? People voicing out to the government and not you what!

And one most common thing i see everywhere is that they asked people to migrate if they are not happy staying here! -.- SO EASY MEH? No money can migrate anot?

Then again, if you're rich, you wouldn't need to migrate liao. Becos here, the rich gets richer, middle class gets poor and the poor gets poorer.

Only the rich gets to speak. Whatever the middle class or poor people said are deemed as complaints.

Sigh! Think i must start buying Toto or Big Sweep liao... Wow, if i strike 2 millions, i can start talking big also! "Not happy just migrate lah!" HAHA!

Monday, January 14, 2013

You've got a mail!

Hello ladies, i'll be mailing your Miracle Bio Water out today, keep a lookout in your mail box! 

Thank you for all the responses! =)



Mummies/daddies out there, i'm selling this pair of brand new shoes away. Bought it few months ago for meimei, wanting to keep it for CNY. But it's still a tad too big for her and she doesn't wanna wear, no choice but to buy her another pair. Their shoes rack is bursting already, so i've to clear off some shoes. My lost is your gain! 

Size : 26 (15cm; suitable for 18-24 months) 
Color : As shown in pictures
R.P : $29.90 (can't really remember)
M.P : $21.00 mailed (normal)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Bio-essence Bio Spring Water

Sponsored Review

Guess what's at my door?

Note: There's a Give Away to 3 lucky readers at the end of this post, READ ON!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why make our life so hard?

Today, let's discuss about Singapore living standard.

Disclaimer: I'm not going into political stuffs, not an anti-PAP nor a pro-Opposition. Just saying out my point of view and of cos, you can don't agree with me. Correct me if i'm wrong k?

I feel that our government is making our life more and more miserable as the years go by.

Yes, I love Singapore cos it's a very safe & beautiful place to live in. But if I've a choice, I'll choose to migrate because the stress here is becoming more and more overbearing.

Here's our latest COE...

Soon, it will be $100K, just for a piece of paper (which is valid for only 10 years).

Well, I'm not affected now cos (thank god) I bought my car 8 years ago (at $62K). During that time, it's considered expensive cos one week after I bought, the price went down. But now, oh, it's so fucking cheap! The COE now is almost twice the price of my car then.

However, in another two years time, I'll be affected cos my car will be 10 years old and I'll need to either scrape or re-new it. But, COE might be over $100K by then.

Aiyo, how to re-new or change another car??? How much do I need to earn in order to own a normal small car just merely using it for transportation?

Yes, some people may say, "don't buy car lor, take public transports".

May I ask one question?


For a better life right? So what's wrong with people working hard to buy a car for own convenience?

But our dear government made owning a car more like a heavy burden than a convenience now. And people have to slog double hard to pay off loans, and more loans.

So if we have to slog double hard, spend most of our time at work, how are we going to cope with our family? It is no wonder that divorce rates are rising over the past few years. People are spending more time in the office than home with their kids. So affairs become common, thus the divorce. And who suffer? The kids. Why birth rates decrease? Ask yourself, dear government.

And also, our public transports:

1) CABS - always not available when we needed them the most.
2) MRT - always break down and make people late for work.
3) BUS - always over crowded.

So imagine, if you've 1 kid, 1 toddler and 1 baby, how are you going to bring them to and fro from school/childcare and make it to work on time taking public transports everyday? HOW?!

In Singapore, if you're in the sandwich class and you own a HDB flat + car, you will have to slog your whole life away paying off the loans.

I don't understand why do some people said that Singaporeans are not contented? How are we supposed to be contented if we are not earning enough to pay off our loans?

Many of us are very contented with what we have actually. We're just seeking for a simple and peaceful life. But because of the price hike every now and then on everything, we've become very stress over money. Life become very competitive just because we need to fight for what we want, for ourselves and family. (What should we should to secure our job? What should we do to secure a place in that school that's near our house for our kid? ETC) Why make us become so kiasu?

Some people said the rise of COE and ERP is a way to control traffic, you think so?? I don't. I feel that it's due to over population, that leads to traffic always jam, not only on the road, but on public transports as well.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crazy over cobalt blue lately!

Top: Past Shopping
Skirt: LB (Size S fits very well on me; cutting is awesome & length is perfect.) 

Am lovin' this peplum skirt so so so much now!

Haha, issit okay to wear lidat (maybe different top) to a wedding dinner? LOL

Selling this bag, brand new, check it out here!

Monday, January 7, 2013

New winner for X'mas 2012 Give Away

I know i should have done this last week, sorry for the delay. I'm actually still hoping that Miss Kwek Kuek will get back to me as we did exchanged a few emails the day before she "disappeared". I even attached a X'mas card on it, written specially for her. But to be fair and not let those gifts get wasted, i've to do this...

Hello hello Wan Zhen! Widget picked you! =D 

Get back to me to arrange for meet-up k? 

Should i let her wear spectacle?

Brought our elder baby to HPB early this morning to check her eyes as referred by her school. The morning jam, TERRIBLE. Glad that my work place is not in town, i cannot imagine i've to jam lidat every morning & evening, just kill me. 

Toilet visit before we go up! My OOTD!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

No fate with cheapo bags!

Few months ago, i decided to be less spendthrift and bought two cheapo bags...

The first one which costed $40+; everything was okay until 2 weeks later, one side of the handle dropped and there's no way to fix it back!

The second one which costed $20+; button faulty! FML

The husband kept laughing at me, said cos it's cheap, no choice. (I feel like punching him, $40+ to me is not cheap ok! For one that has no brand!)

So you see, sometimes, it's not that i wanna splurge on branded bags... But branded ones are indeed more durable! So instead of buying those cheap ones which will spoil in awhile, why not buy one more expensive which can last right?

Alright, my drift is... I'M NOW AIMING FOR ONE BAG WHICH COST $3K+++, ALMOST $4K. But i really really really can't bear to buy. So expensive! But i want it so so so so so badly leh! HOW?

Did my research for the whole of last night and i already know which one, which size and which color i want. But it's almost $4K, will you buy?

(Nope, it's not Chanel nor Prada!)

Now, i hope someone will make me upset, so i'll implusively go spend that amount of money with no feeling.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two of my 2013 resolutions are...

1) BYEBYE elephant arms!
I bought this. I don't know if it works cos i just started two days ago? I promise that i'll be very diligent to roll my arms everyday, lolol. Brought it to work so i can roll as and when i feel like it, hahaha! =D
2) HELLO whiter teeth!
Did the first time last night, 2nd time this morning. Need to do twice everyday for two weeks! Hope it works! ^^

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aiyo, why must cry???

Brought Raeann to school earlier, as she requested. Today is the orientation and we were there for around 30 mins only, no schooling. Tomorrow shall be the official beginning of her K2 life.

Guess what? This morning, the moment she woke up, she kept saying that she don't wanna go K2, she wants to stay in K1 becos she don't know heard from who that K2 is not easy and she's scare.

Then, at around 11am, she told my aunt she's having fever and don't wanna go school. SI BEI GAO GENG SIA! Buay tahan!

I told her ok then, i'll bring her to the hospital and check. She said don't want. And the next thing was, she insisted that i must bring her to school. Fine then. I made her promise me that she won't cry.

On the way there, she repeated "mummy, i want you to wait for me outside, you must wait for me outside ah" for 84374287412 times. VERY LOH SOH!

She teared, but dare not cry out loud. I told her it's so shameful and next time i must bring a paper bag to cover my face. Honestly, i don't know why she cry leh? She's going to the same old school with familiar teachers and school mates, what's there to be scare about? I don't understand?

God bless me when she goes to Primary One. HAIZ

Come to think of it, meimei is also going to school soon. Siao liao, another one. STRESSSSSSSS!

2012 -> 2013

Attention : Miss Kwek Kuek, i've tried emailing you again but you did not reply. If i didn't get any response from you by 12pm tomorrow, i'll have to re-choose the winner. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.
Lunch with mum, bro, Bo and aunt Susan. I jokingly said that this was our "D&D", lolol.

Asked Bo to come and pick me from the office to go and buy some food for steamboat, my treat this time round. We went to IMM Giant and thank god, it wasn't really crowded...