Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 -> 2013

Attention : Miss Kwek Kuek, i've tried emailing you again but you did not reply. If i didn't get any response from you by 12pm tomorrow, i'll have to re-choose the winner. Sorry for the inconveniences caused.
Lunch with mum, bro, Bo and aunt Susan. I jokingly said that this was our "D&D", lolol.

Asked Bo to come and pick me from the office to go and buy some food for steamboat, my treat this time round. We went to IMM Giant and thank god, it wasn't really crowded...

Randomly took this pic while waiting for Aunty Bo, she was choosing some yogurt i think. Tired me felt so sleepy throughout the whole shopping, didn't sleep well the night before cos monitoring meimei's temperature.
Spotted this shoes sale while leaving...
Of cos, Aunty Bo wouldn't want to miss out great deal!
Not bad leh, my camera can zoooooooooom so far! I was standing really far away, at one corner.
Wanted to pick up the kids on our way home but the rain was super heavy. No choice but to go home first. When the rain got smaller, i went to fetch the kids. Reached aunt's place, heavy rain again. BAD WEATHER but best weather for steamboat!!
New earring! ♥
We had the steamboat outside the house at a sheltered area. Cooling and cozy, damn shiok!!! Whole family sat and ate together, this was how we ended our 2012.
When we were having dinner at around 8+pm, my neighbours have been karaoking LOUDLY for a few hours non-stop. It was damn loud, i swear, we could hear clearly what songs they sang. They were literally shouting and screaming over the mic.
Fine, i thought, "maybe they will lower down the volume at 11pm".
But hell no! They switched to BLASTING technos, shouting and screaming along with the mic at 11+pm.
Fine again, i thought, "it's NYE, maybe they wanted to countdown and will end shortly after 12am".
HELL NO AGAIN. They blasted, shouted and screamed even louder after 12am.
HELLO, please be more considerate lah! You want to party, jolly well go to the disco or book a chalet. Don't fucking kpkb at your estate where there are kids and babies around. When it's time to stop, please stop. Don't wanna stop, at least lower down the volume.
Meimei woke up more than 10 times due to the noise pollution, not forgetting that she was still feeling unwell and on medication. I was sibei dulan liao cos meimei was trying so hard to get her sleep.
I called the police. FML, the first call i made in 2013 is, 999.
They shutted up only when police arrived.  
Nope, i'm not trying to be difficult but really hate inconsiderate people! If i'm single now, fine, do whatever you want, i've fucking high tolerance level. BUT if it affect my kids, i'm sorry.
Woke up feeling damn frustrated, i don't know why, maybe i was too tired. Poor ZY, lolol cos i threw tantrum and he had to give in to me, massage for me & etc. Felt better after that, partly also becos meimei has 95% recovered.
Back to her usual self; active and greedy! ^^
First meal of 2013!
Was kinda disappointed with this cereal chicken!
Outlook : Unlike what's shown on TV.
Taste : Not spicy, taste weird.
Verdict : Won't eat it again!
Back home, rare moment where 3 of them will sit still & watch TV together. Didn't last long though... Expected lah, meimei's butt got 68433249283 needles mah.
Then, ZY suggested to go Mushroom Pot for dinner, he said New Year must eat good food. But i don't wanna go cos lazy! =X Therefore, he suggested eating steamboat again, so we did...
Clear food lor.
Shihui, Romil and baby Tara came to pay us a visit, and bought us plenty of gifts too!!! Baby Tara is soooooo cute, chubby, fair & pretty! I think she's gonna break hearts in future! =X And this meimei ah, she's so rough, buay tahan her, so scare she'll go and bully Tara lor!

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