Thursday, January 31, 2013

A bluey CNY!

So, instead of the boring red/pink nails where most people will be having every CNY, i go for BLUE this year!!!

This range of blue is my current favorite color! :)

My injured index finger nail has finally grown out long enough to do gel extention. YAY!
It was this bad during Nov last year.
The entire old nail dropped out. The new nail grew out with a huge "hump" in the centre. I was so sad cos everyone told me that the nail will forever grow lidat in future! :( 
Then, one fine day in Dec, i took the nail file and harshly file it to make the "hump" even. It was pain cos i'm filing my flesh but i did it anyway, cos i'm vain.
The nail become even but super out of shape!!! But i'm happy enough...
7th Jan 2013
However, it seemed to be stuck at this freaking length! Weeks ago, i complained on Twitter that i can't have beautiful nails this CNY! :(
But, miracle happened. Today, 31st, my nail grew a little tiny weeny over my flesh now, abt the length of the other finger nails in the picture above! Ho ho ho, so happy!!!
Anyway, this whole set of nails (classic pedi w/ nail art + classic gelish mani) costed me ONLY $60. WTF! CNY peak period leh!!! It's soooooo soooooooo soooooooo cheap! So glad to know Irene! She's the only one i know who don't add surcharge during festive seasons.  
My mani looks very simple cos i requested it to be simple. She allowed me to choose any design from books/websites, but of cos, must be designs which she knows how/able to do. I always choose complicated designs lor!
But this time round, i want it simple. Cos i'll be doing lots of hands-on during this period of time; spring cleaning, washing toilet (done it last week), doing up CNY decos and etc. And i'll need to bathe my kids, wash their butts and clean them up during CNY, which means i gotta touch water alot. Thus, i need something simple which can last till CNY! I'll most probably bling up all my nails if i need not do all those, same price anyway!!!
Well, don't have ask me for her contact if you wish to book her from now till CNY cos she's fully booked everyday. I booked my appointment more than 1 month ago!
Got my new notes yesterday, my bro's friend helped us to change.
The notes look so little hor, but it's $1.8K there lor!!! Need to change another $200 of $10. Yes, every CNY, we spent $2K on angbaos. I don't hao lian bao alot leh but i don't know why need so much every year. So poor now! :(
Hate it when i've to be in charge of every single fucking thing lor. TA MA DE! How great if i can be a SAHDN, everything also say don't know how to do mum. Then...
ZY: Help me type this document and email to that who leh.
Me: I don't know how.
ZY: Go and apply for a house leh.
Me: I don't know how to apply.
ZY: Prepare for the HDB documents leh.
Me: I don't know how and what to prepare.
ZY: Go bank change new notes leh.
Me: I need to look after the kids, no time.
ZY: Eh, help me do this this this, that that that leh.
Me: I don't know how. Wa buay hiao.
HAHAHA! Everything say don't know then don't have to do liao. That's what ZY is doing lor! Don't know = win... Open golden mouth and order people to do can already.
(Many times, i really don't know how to do lor. Nobody is born a genius right? Don't know then learn or ask lah!)
Bought this super cute angbao to give to my kids, it's sticker!!!
I've this weird "hobby" of buying cute/pretty angbaos, at anytime.
Haha, i seem so excited about CNY this year?! No lor, i still dislike CNY as much as the past few years. But i'm sick of complaining how much i dislike CNY. Complain 还是要过, just get over and done with ASAP.


  1. I like the 身体健康that angbao pack! My favorite hamster! Where did u buy it?

    1. Bought it at JE. But it's the last pack already. Wanna get more also but aunty said no more liao... :(


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