Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Aiyo, why must cry???

Brought Raeann to school earlier, as she requested. Today is the orientation and we were there for around 30 mins only, no schooling. Tomorrow shall be the official beginning of her K2 life.

Guess what? This morning, the moment she woke up, she kept saying that she don't wanna go K2, she wants to stay in K1 becos she don't know heard from who that K2 is not easy and she's scare.

Then, at around 11am, she told my aunt she's having fever and don't wanna go school. SI BEI GAO GENG SIA! Buay tahan!

I told her ok then, i'll bring her to the hospital and check. She said don't want. And the next thing was, she insisted that i must bring her to school. Fine then. I made her promise me that she won't cry.

On the way there, she repeated "mummy, i want you to wait for me outside, you must wait for me outside ah" for 84374287412 times. VERY LOH SOH!

She teared, but dare not cry out loud. I told her it's so shameful and next time i must bring a paper bag to cover my face. Honestly, i don't know why she cry leh? She's going to the same old school with familiar teachers and school mates, what's there to be scare about? I don't understand?

God bless me when she goes to Primary One. HAIZ

Come to think of it, meimei is also going to school soon. Siao liao, another one. STRESSSSSSSS!

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