Sunday, January 27, 2013

All or Nothing

Hello all, i'm still alive, hahaha. I'm so nice to skip my game just to blog okay! (No, actually i'm multi tasking, lol!)

Down with bad cough and flu these few days, wonder issit cos i played too much game? ZY said so. He chided me for keep playing game but he's also playing leh?? And i said, "i learn from you wan".

I think he's just jealous cos i'm around 90 levels ahead of him now. Well, it's not my fault that he didn't have determination! He's those hor, encounter difficulty, he will ask me to help him to play (and he goes to bed) or he will just give up playing. While i'm those, if i cannot solve, i will keep trying and trying and trying until i succeed.

Speaks alot about life huh? I guess so.

Cos to me, it's either all or nothing. If i decided to do something, i'll make sure i do my best. Otherwise, don't do. I don't like to do things half half. And if i cannot complete my work, i cannot sleep at night, inherited this very bad gene from my mum.

Sorry for not blogging much cos you know lah, tied down with one hyper active seldom nap baby, i got no time to sit in front of my laptop at all. If i sit down, she will TRY HER BEST to disturb me, turn the whole room upside down and i don't know what she will do too. She's just so TERRIBLE, 100x worse than Raeann last time. Even Bobo said that i'll turn crazy sooner or later, if this continues...

If she's alone, she's fine, not bad to look after. But when jiejie's around, omg, disaster, monsters, horrible, scary and all that you cannot imagine. Depends on their mood also lah!

Their mood affects my mood. If they're in bad mood = i will be in bad mood also. My life revolves around them, it's only them them them that's happening to me everyday. No hor, i'm not trying to act noble but this is a fact. A fact that i don't really like. Sometimes, i get so damn sick of sucha life till i almost break down. Then, i'll divert my attention to shopping. Then, my pocket will be emo like me too, lolol.

Uh oh, meimei woke up from her sleep to look for me... And i told her that i'm gonna shut down my laptop and asked her to wait for me, so she's waiting for me now. (Ya, she's THIS sticky towards me leh. Like if i'm in the toilet and she didn't see me, she will tear the whole house down, so scary, what should i do???)

P/S : By the way, she started calling me "Mummy" about 1 week ago!!! ^^ (She used to call me "ma ma"!)

Time for bed liao! Nightz world!

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