Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Cheongsum + Market Flip Flop

Talk about fashion huh... LOL

She's wearing jiejie's cheongsum by the way. 


I didn't give this cheongsam away cos my dad specially bought it for Raeann from China. The material is good one, unlike those selling in SG which are kinda thin! And Raeann has a petite frame, so she was able to wear it till around 4 years old.

Racial Harmony Day 2009

CNY 2011

My mum said that buying this cheongsum was the right-est thing my dad has done, lolol. Lasted for so many years and passed on... It will prolly pass on to my nieces or grand-daughters, hahahah!   

They are around the same age in the picture. As you can see, the length for meimei is just nice now while it was still too long for Raeann then. Conclusion? Meimei, it's time for you to control your diet! Stop eating non-stop pls! Oh, they have one thing in common, THEIR SAI-TOR (fat tummy), it's HUGE like their father. 

Hahahaha, their eyes are entirely different. One, small like one straight line. Another one, round and big like marble. In term of looks, do they look like sisters at all? LOL

I really really love meimei's current age now, everyday full of funny stunts. I know i'll miss this stage very much in future!


  1. Like that see,don look alike. Hee. Mm is so cute. Like 小大人! haha


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