Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Health + Safety

My heart sank when i heard about the news of the two brothers who got killed yesterday. No, i refused to read the whole story or view any pictures. Just the headline has upset me enough, and i'm only a stranger. Spare a thought for their parents, they are devastated now, stop posting  pictures/videos/whatever on the social platforms.

You know, whenever i go anywhere to pray, i'll always pray for my kids to be healthy and safe only. Yes, that's all i'm asking for. I will not pray for wealth cos i always think that, "是你的, 就是你的", don't have to ask for it, if it's yours, it will be yours.

To me, gender, looks & wisdom of my kids are not as important as health and safety. Without these two, you can never talk about the rest.

Now, i just have to agree with myself once again.

Deepest Condolence to their parents. RIP boys.

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