Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New color for CNY!

Sorry for neglecting this blog, i've been busy with work, kids, pampering myself and PLAYING CANDY CRUSH. #fml

I'm sooooo addicted to it till i'm playing whenever i'm free and refused to sleep at night cos wanna wait for lives. This level 147 is getting on my nerves lor, why so difficult one??? I fucking hate the growing chocolate and time bomb!!! Anyway, those who are playing, send me lives k? Send me your requests and i'll confirm send lives to you (if i receive).

And oh, i've changed my hair color!!! Today, the husband decided to be nice and brought me to do rebonding + coloring. He paid and waited for me for... err... 5 hours? Oops!

Decided to go for darker tone becos light color makes my hair look like grass as it's not as healthy as before due to constant bleaching. Actually, i'm so bored with my hair but i don't know how i can change it. 
Ya lah ya lah, i've a big head and very high forehead. But they said people with big head are usually smarter cos brain is bigger. So, I'M PROUD TO HAVE A BIG HEAD! As long as it's proportion to my body, who cares? Better than big body with a small head, like a bird?

Aiyo, i've many many things to blog leh but...


Alright, back to it. Send me lives k? Heehee

P/S : I'll be on leave for the rest of this week to look after my kids. Yeah, it's time to discipline that little guai lan baby. You won't believe how guai lan is she.


  1. Hi babe, would like to know where do u bought the 粉红顽皮豹 in your 2010 post? Been finding for it but there are no size like ur so easily bring out or keep. Hope u dun mind sharing? Sorry and thank you so much.

    1. Hello there,

      Wah, omg, it's so long ago i can't even remember as well. If i'm not wrong, i bought it at Mini Toons, don't think they still have it now???

  2. Replies
    1. Haha will try... Am sick and tied up these few days.


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