Monday, January 7, 2013

Should i let her wear spectacle?

Brought our elder baby to HPB early this morning to check her eyes as referred by her school. The morning jam, TERRIBLE. Glad that my work place is not in town, i cannot imagine i've to jam lidat every morning & evening, just kill me. 

Toilet visit before we go up! My OOTD!
Top: Klarra
Bottom: LB
Bag: $40+ cheapo bag! (One side of the handle dropped so i removed both but i double coiled the sling strap and carry it lidat lor! #anexcuseforanewbag)

Blur me forgot to bring her birth cert & health booklet, luckily it's okay. 

She was scare, i thought.

But no leh, she went inside herself and do all the tests while we waited outside. 

And oh, she's all well from the 2nd day of school onwards, no crying or geng-ing. I think it's me, she's emo about the thought of leaving me, lolol. Alright, i admit i'm also lidat. The thought of my loved ones leaving me always left me with teary eyes too. But nowadays, i try not to think of such things anymore, it's too negative.

Noticed my teeth is now a tiny weeny bit whiter after doing 5 times. I never do twice a day lah cos i forgot, but i'll do it every night, before i sleep. Okay lah, can't expect much cos i'm born with slight yellowish teeth de, if too white, it will looks fake (denture).

Remember this?

No wonder i find this place abit familiar, i've been here before when i was young, just asked my mum. 

Result: Perfect eyesight but refraction on the left eye. The optometrist said she has to wear spectacle in order to prevent lazy eye & short sighted. Now now, i don't know how, i don't feel like letting her wear spectacle at sucha young age. Becos in my own opinion, once you wear, you need to wear it forever (unless you go for lasik). 

To her, wearing spec is like so cool cos some of her classmates are wearing. But i'm 100% sure that she will regret it in future. Like funny leh? Me and ZY both have perfect eyesight! 

Anyway, i'm gonna listen to my family folks and do the traditional ways; buy her some tonics from the medical hall, ban her from iPhone (she's cutting down the usage now) & bring her to see more "green". We shall see how it goes...

Over the weekend!

Was on leave on Friday to look after this little one cos aunt's house changing toilet (& pipe) for the whole block and it was very dusty, they cannot bathe/cook/whatever. You know lah, this girl cannot stop moving one so she cannot be there. Stayed at home and she walked around (and around) the whole house to sweep the floor, ate non-stop & played with slippers.

I followed until i tired so i asked her, "can you just rest for awhile, can anot?". She replied me "can" with her hand raised up. So funny! Brought her up to the room and she really lay on the bed and rest! Hahaha 

Saturday evening; aunt, uncle & cousins came to bring them for a swim. Meimei is sucha smiley & funny baby that everyone misses her when she didn't go there. Although she's fierce, always fight with jiejie, but everything she do, she will always remember her jiejie. 

Like this morning, i carried her and told her we're going out already, first thing she did was to call out for jiejie whom was at ah ma's room. And when she saw jiejie crying (cos i lectured her), she die die want to crawl up the stairs to look for her and sayang her. 

On the contrary, jiejie is selfish (sometimes, see mood one). For example; her stuffs, meimei saw first and took it to play, she snatched it over and claimed that it's hers. (Meimei of cos angry lah!) So many times i feel like slapping her lor! Cos if it's meimei's stuffs and she wanna play, meimei will give in to her and play together. Like the toy car which i bought for her as X'mas present, she will let jiejie drive while she sit behind and hug her. 

This jiejie ah, i think i need to bring out my weapon (cane) soon cos her 皮痒了, very long never get caned already. 

Sidetrack : Was so pissed with ZY this morning! He has this stupid habit of asking me (like act nice) what i feel like eating everytime we go for a meal. But when i suggest, he will give me 100000001 excuses, say the food not nice lah, difficult to park car lah, his precious car cannot go there lah, blah blah blah and he will bring us to eat what he's craving for.

I mean, since he already has in mind what he wanna eat, then still ask me for what? Just go lah! Act like very accommodating but when i say then complain that i'm very troublesome lah, should have just send me back lah, blah blah blah.

This happens everytime and i've to give in everytime too. I cannot eat what i like and have to eat what he likes (and most of the time, i don't like). NUMB, totally.

Nope, no longer angry liao, i realised that my anger don't last long now. It's a good thing, anger is bad for health, my motto is to stay happy & positive! =D

Passed by those market shops and bought one top for mummy (very her-style, lol), hope she likes it! Wah lau, market also so expensive? $39 leh! 


  1. Actually it is not a bad thing for her to wear specs leh.. if it can correct her eyesight why not.. my students also wear specs and their refraction also drop.. they only wear when they study.. they take off when they rest.. let her keep up good eyesight habits and when she grow me.. she won't need specs :)

    1. Hmm, shall monitor her first. If really cannot, then i'll bring her to buy spec! =D

    2. And hey, you're still reading my blog!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! So long no comments from you, thought you've already stopped reading! :(

  2. Hahaha i was busy ma.. hehehe! Anyway.. the best is to get her good eye supplements first.. i know Brands have some good ones.. if not u check with the doc and see what is best for her.. and also get her to keep up good eye habits.. that way u can maintain also..


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