Tuesday, January 15, 2013

So easy to migrate meh?

It seems like whenever our government implement something new or increase prices on something, there will be cyber wars between Singaporeans (not all). Some affected, of cos voiced out their unhappiness. And some pro-PAPs will shoot those who voiced out - left, right, up and down. So agitated for what? People voicing out to the government and not you what!

And one most common thing i see everywhere is that they asked people to migrate if they are not happy staying here! -.- SO EASY MEH? No money can migrate anot?

Then again, if you're rich, you wouldn't need to migrate liao. Becos here, the rich gets richer, middle class gets poor and the poor gets poorer.

Only the rich gets to speak. Whatever the middle class or poor people said are deemed as complaints.

Sigh! Think i must start buying Toto or Big Sweep liao... Wow, if i strike 2 millions, i can start talking big also! "Not happy just migrate lah!" HAHA!

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