Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What do you term this kind of person?

Some random thought... #justsaying #nopunintended

Once upon a time, person A, B and C were friends.

So one fine day, B was unhappy with C and complained to A about it. A even told her not to blow up the (small) matter as all were friends for so long despite being unhappy with C too since long time ago.

However, the matter was being blown up. A got involved, for no reason.

A started hating C as C sent her friends to insult & curse A and family.

Subsequently, B bitched to A about C and vice versa.

After some time, the issue died down, A is no longer friend with C and couldn't be bothered about C at all.


B AND C RECONCILED. And at the same time, B fell out with A.

This time round, A got attacked.

B then bitched to C about what A bitched to B (about C) before. (How nice!)

Thank god for the strong character that lies in A, A wasn't affected much at all.

- The End -

So, what kind of person is B?


  1. a very pathetic person.

    1. Better siam this kind of people far far, you won't know when she will turn against you and spill out all your secrets.

  2. lol, in chinese there's a saying. ning2 que1 wu4 lan4. =p


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