Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What have i been up to!

Days ago, in my sub-concious state (due to medication), i brought meimei (Raeann in school) to JP to get a birthday card for one of my girl friend. And this is what i bought...

It was till the next day then i realised, "i think i bought a wrong card"! LOL
Yesterday, i went to top up my Cashcard. And i took the receipt but left the Cashcard in the machine. I only realised when i left and on the way home. So i u-turned back to the petrol kiosk. One super kind soul actually picked and passed it to the cashier counter!!! Thank you, kind soul. Very thankful for all the kind people in my life! :)

Sunday; left meimei with my mum for 2 hours while we brought Raeann to IMM to do her spectacle. In the end, didn't do, we thought it was too ex cos both of us don't wear spectacle so we don't know the market price.

We saw them filming the Giant show.
And i must say, THIS IS HEAVEN!!! We're considering to get one, the latest version.
Sorry, no makeup (neither edit nor filter), only eyebrow. Cos i bought a new eyebrow powder pact and i wanna try cos i don't know how to use. Sad to say, i do it quite bad, the powder can't seems to spread evenly, still learning the trick of using it. Anyway, i changed my hair parting, from one side to another. Don't look different lah but quite uneasy for the 1st few days, first time (after erm, 20 years? lol) changing parting afterall.

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