Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why make our life so hard?

Today, let's discuss about Singapore living standard.

Disclaimer: I'm not going into political stuffs, not an anti-PAP nor a pro-Opposition. Just saying out my point of view and of cos, you can don't agree with me. Correct me if i'm wrong k?

I feel that our government is making our life more and more miserable as the years go by.

Yes, I love Singapore cos it's a very safe & beautiful place to live in. But if I've a choice, I'll choose to migrate because the stress here is becoming more and more overbearing.

Here's our latest COE...

Soon, it will be $100K, just for a piece of paper (which is valid for only 10 years).

Well, I'm not affected now cos (thank god) I bought my car 8 years ago (at $62K). During that time, it's considered expensive cos one week after I bought, the price went down. But now, oh, it's so fucking cheap! The COE now is almost twice the price of my car then.

However, in another two years time, I'll be affected cos my car will be 10 years old and I'll need to either scrape or re-new it. But, COE might be over $100K by then.

Aiyo, how to re-new or change another car??? How much do I need to earn in order to own a normal small car just merely using it for transportation?

Yes, some people may say, "don't buy car lor, take public transports".

May I ask one question?


For a better life right? So what's wrong with people working hard to buy a car for own convenience?

But our dear government made owning a car more like a heavy burden than a convenience now. And people have to slog double hard to pay off loans, and more loans.

So if we have to slog double hard, spend most of our time at work, how are we going to cope with our family? It is no wonder that divorce rates are rising over the past few years. People are spending more time in the office than home with their kids. So affairs become common, thus the divorce. And who suffer? The kids. Why birth rates decrease? Ask yourself, dear government.

And also, our public transports:

1) CABS - always not available when we needed them the most.
2) MRT - always break down and make people late for work.
3) BUS - always over crowded.

So imagine, if you've 1 kid, 1 toddler and 1 baby, how are you going to bring them to and fro from school/childcare and make it to work on time taking public transports everyday? HOW?!

In Singapore, if you're in the sandwich class and you own a HDB flat + car, you will have to slog your whole life away paying off the loans.

I don't understand why do some people said that Singaporeans are not contented? How are we supposed to be contented if we are not earning enough to pay off our loans?

Many of us are very contented with what we have actually. We're just seeking for a simple and peaceful life. But because of the price hike every now and then on everything, we've become very stress over money. Life become very competitive just because we need to fight for what we want, for ourselves and family. (What should we should to secure our job? What should we do to secure a place in that school that's near our house for our kid? ETC) Why make us become so kiasu?

Some people said the rise of COE and ERP is a way to control traffic, you think so?? I don't. I feel that it's due to over population, that leads to traffic always jam, not only on the road, but on public transports as well.


  1. Yes! Yes! Just told my hub earlier on,just the price of the coe can aready buy a better car last time liao. What the F are we paying so much for just a piece of paper? The price of the Coe now are even higher than the actual price of the car lo. ••"

    1. We're going back to time where there are only rich or poor, no middle class liao. Whereby only the rich can afford cars and the poors will have to walk and ride bicycle.


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