Monday, January 14, 2013

You've got a mail!

Hello ladies, i'll be mailing your Miracle Bio Water out today, keep a lookout in your mail box! 

Thank you for all the responses! =)



Mummies/daddies out there, i'm selling this pair of brand new shoes away. Bought it few months ago for meimei, wanting to keep it for CNY. But it's still a tad too big for her and she doesn't wanna wear, no choice but to buy her another pair. Their shoes rack is bursting already, so i've to clear off some shoes. My lost is your gain! 

Size : 26 (15cm; suitable for 18-24 months) 
Color : As shown in pictures
R.P : $29.90 (can't really remember)
M.P : $21.00 mailed (normal)

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