Thursday, February 14, 2013

年除夕 2013

OMG, did i mention that i ate non stop during the past 5 days? Really is non stop, my mouth worked very hard. It's so hard to resist all the good food and CNY goodies, especially Almond Sugee and Pineapple Tarts! But thank god i only put on a mere 0.5 kg, hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha, what kind of sorcery is this? However, it's not the end yet. God bless me!


To CCK for reunion lunch.

Raeann has been cooperative and obedient for the past few days, thumbs up for that! 

Wearing Melissa's shoes again!!!

After eating & nua-ing awhile, went back home and...

Little helper helped to scrub the floor! She went to change lidat herself! LOL

Bro & SIL prepared a table of food! 

BEHOLD, below are pictures of all the good food...

盆菜 & 鱼生 ordered from my bro's friend's restaurant. 

YUM lor!!! 

And they cooked all the below... Very restaurant style lor!

This is nice!

Very thankful to be able to eat with my own family on every CNY eve!

Our usual practice is to eat THREE rounds of reunion meals every CNY eve. Therefore, we went for our 3rd round, at ZY's relative's place after eating with my family! Of cos, i didn't eat liao, surrendered. Even Raeann also surrendered, she said, "please don't ask me to eat anymore", haha! So it's more to like show face and give angbaos lah! 

Stayed for awhile and next, we went to pray... 

It's a MUST becos we wanna thank them for blessing my kids with good health and safety. 

Reached home 15 mins before 12am...

Washed them up and changed them into new pajamas!

Yes SAME, bought alot of same design clothes for them, even pajamas also must be the same! Bought by my mum de, a few sets somemore! =D 

This girl was super energetic becos i put her to nap from 5:30pm - 8:30pm.

The husband went to pray with his friends till the next morning 7am then reach home sia! 

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