Friday, February 15, 2013

蛇年初一 2013

Woke up very early to prepare the kids and myself as relatives from mum's side will come to 拜年, just like any other year. My house is like a gathering spot. So actually, before married, i don't have to go out at all. People will just come and come, i only need to stay at home to collect angbaos, lol. Then, i'll go to friend's house for mahjong marathon. Unlike now, need to stuck at home with two kids becos mummy is not free to help me take care of them. 

Now, if i want to go out, i need to seek for (a few) approvals. First is my mum, cos she is the only one helping me with my kids. Then, ZY, Raeann & Raechelle... Nobody knows how irritating it is to have a husband who always say, "I cannot handle them myself, they don't wanna find me" every single time i wanna go out. As if i'm born with sucha talent! 

And what the fuck does he mean by cannot, when he didn't even try? He said it's solely a woman's job to look after kids. YES, that's right, but it's meant for women who are not working. He work, i also got work what, and my working hours is earlier than him. I told him, i will take over the kids entirely, PROVIDED HE SUPPORT ME LOR and i don't have to work. Stop telling me all those selfish excuses becos i've 1000001 things to debate. If you want kids, HELP OUT. Otherwise, employ a helper. Don't use the cock to talk only. If i'm the one dying to have kids, it will be a different story.  

Dresses from Babbiee.

Then, to ZY's relatives' place to 拜年.

This meimei is always eating and eating, her mouth works very hard too.

One house after another, TIRING. Reached home around 7+pm. 

Jiejie volunteered to bathe for meimei. We peeped into the toilet and see what were they doing?

Buay tahan them. 

After bathing them and myself, went down to have steamboat with my folks, just the few of us cos all my siblings went out liao. See lah, eat again! >.<


  1. Raeann is so sweet to help Raechelle bathe n wash her hair!! So loving!

    1. Haha, she ALWAYS wanted to bathe for meimei but i don't allow. Cos i don't know what they all will do inside, sure come up with alot of patterns!!! Now, meimei is the naughty one, always bully jiejie lor!! >.<


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