Monday, February 18, 2013

蛇年初二 2013

P/S : Sigh, my mum's not helping me with my diet plan cos she brought many CNY goodies from home to the office! :( NO, I CANNOT EAT! Gonna shift it to a place where i can't see...

Another set of dresses from Babbiee!

Decked in blue! =)

Helping out while waiting for her daddy to wake up to go 拜年.

Eating and eating!

To ZY's relative's place for lunch as well, his ah mm cooks very well, DELICIOUS! And it's very near my place only! 5 mins drive! =D

Bun up her hair like this, but becos she's so rough, it didn't stay this pretty for long!

Was there for awhile only cos my relatives from dad's side came!


And this is a MUST on every CNY! My uncle prepared everything from scratch!

捞 many times of 鱼生 this year!


We did something different this year. Instead of the usual steamboat/bbq, we had our dinner at a restaurant! But not recommended lah. Food so-so, price scary! 

4 tables full! More and more members! =D

My cousin; she's one mummy i look upon to! She's a few years younger than me and she has 3 kids! She has to cook and do household chores as well, one authentic SAHM! 

My 二姑, the best!


And last but not least, a family shot! The least blur one!

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