Wednesday, February 20, 2013

蛇年初四 2013

Was supposed to start work on 初四 but the husband last minute planned to invite his friends over for dinner + gambling session. And becos nothing was prepared, i took leave to go and buy food with him & prepared everything!

I bought 3 boxes of quail eggs becos it's XS's and my favorite. I was told by ZY that they were coming. I didn't plan to invite anyone at first, only till the very last minute then i informed Cheryl and Ling but they can't make it. Boiled and peeled it myself till my gelish drop lor, i'm so nice!!! Haha

For the guests!

We opened 1 big + 2 regular cans of abalone, 2 cans of 鲍贝 and 1 can of 鲍筍.

And then with all these, veges, a big box of scallops and many other seafood! (Forgot to take pics!) Can't really remember what food are there but i know it's ALOT. 

Early birds! 

To our surprise, most of the food were cleared, we were kinda shock how much all ZY's friends can eat! No wonder they can be friends lah, becos ZY is also the same! We were quite happy that the food were cleared, so we won't have to eat the same thing over and over again. 

Then, at 8+pm, my dad SUDDENLY informed that his friend (with wife & kids) are coming. In less than 30 minutes, one pool of people marched in. Many of them, i never see before and i don't know who are they (should be that uncle's friends or relatives). But still gotta give angbaos!!! 

Becos my dad's friend gave it to Raeann and Raechelle. So i've no choice but to give back. But i can't possibly give only to his kids and not the other kids, paiseh mah, i gave all lor. End up, those kids' parents also buay paiseh one. Sat there, eat, drink and act blur! DUH

It's not the money that matters okay, it's their attitude, cannot understand why are there so many such people in this world! Especially those sibei rich ones, they are sibei stingy. Buay tahan! 

Think we must learn to be more thick-skinned! >.<

P/S : XS didn't come in the end. She sibei molly lah, say dinner time, then 10pm, then 11pm. I told her i wanna zzz liao cos need to work the next day. Hamster came to gamble till 3am i think? 

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