Monday, February 18, 2013

蛇年初三 2013

To my nanny's place 拜年! 

Wah, this HDB is SUPER HUGE lor. It's 2 units combined, from HDB.

Our mama! She took care of me when i was a baby and my bro till 6 years old! She's 80+ years old already!!!

I've no idea what is Raechelle looking at? Most probably, food! 

This is how niam ti ti they are to me. One sit on my lap, the other one also wanna sit, even inside the car. 

Aftermath, thai food @ Yishun! =D

She's so hungry till she wanna gobble down the whole fish head! DUH

Home-ed cos parents' friends are coming! 

Did up a last minute steamboat for dinner cos we don't know what to eat!

And we have to place her at one corner, give her some rice and let her MESS. Otherwise, she never keep still for more than 5 seconds. 

Mess till sibei happy!

Bro jio-ed movie, so i asked mummy if i can leave Raechelle with her, intended to bring Raeann along. But Raeann didn't wanna go cos she wanna play with my parents' friend's kids. She's super sociable one lor, can get along with any ah bang ah lei, strangers turn friends within minutes. 

Ah Boys to Men 2

ZY has been dying to watch it and pestered me for days but too bad, no tickets! 

Great World City, no people one. No wonder got available seats lah!

I treated all of them!

While waiting... 

Don't understand why he love to waste $ on these!

We looked like sua-ku while taking these pics, people kept staring at us!

Ah Boys to Men 2 is a MUST WATCH movie, it's ultra funny! Sergeant Ong's face is damn xia lan, i likey! LOL! Bo told him he's only 22 years old? Wow, so young!!! But i'm younger than him! Only 21 this year! HAHA

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