Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The husband is going overseas with his friends on 1st March, i took this chance to tell him that i wanna go for a trip without him and the kids too!!!

Wah lau eh, i don't know what the hell did he tell his friends lor, made them all think that i'm a control freak. I NEVER CONTROL HIM AT ALL LOR!

It's him, he ALWAYS don't allow me to go out...

ZY : Eh, i'm going XXX with ZZZ in March hor!
Me : Go lor. I also want to go holiday with my friends. When you come back, i go ok?
ZY : Then i don't go liao...

See? Not i don't allow him to go, it's him who is controlling me and himself. I don't even like to go out with him, why will i control him?!

But well, his trip is confirmed. And me? After some debates and arguements, i got the permission to go as well! I'm thinking of Taiwan or Korea!!! Most likely, KOREA!!! =D

Then, it comes to another issue... GO WITH WHO?

Initially, i jio-ed XS to go Taiwan together. But due to some problem, she cannot make it. At this point of time, i realised... i've no more friends!!!

Most of my friends are married or getting married. Women with family are harder to get away without the husbands/kids. It's like, when they can make it and they jio-ed me, i cannot make it. Now, i can, their turn to reject me! Understandable though! 好想念单身的生活!!!

Told the husband that i wanna go alone. You know what he said??? HAHAHAHA

ZY : 不要啦, 如果你有什么三长两短, 哭死啊!
Me : Huh? 谁哭死?
ZY : 我啦!
Me : Mai lai lah! 你讲我的两个宝贝哭死还有可能. 你? 我看你去 celebrate 了咯!

Thank god i still have my family.

I knew that the fat sis has been wanting to go Korea so i asked her, she agreed immediately. I'm checking out the price/itinerary now! Keeping my fingers crossed, i hope everything will fall in place, smoothly.


  1. Haiz...i'm in a similar situation as you lei.
    i'm single but also having friends issue that i can't go travelling these years.

    If we are friends then we can go together liao.lol

    Hope you able to go your travelling trip soon.

    1. Really??? I thought only married with kids have such problems cos single has more freedom mah. Or issit becos most of ya friends are married?

      Thank u, thank u! I wanna go for a break too!!!

  2. Travel friends really only a few. Two married and one still single.
    How I wish I dare to go travelling alone.
    All the best! I really enjoy reading your blog :)
    Happy Lunar New Year....


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